FREE: 2-Night Bahamas Cruise: $59/Per Person Port Tax

Is this real??? Yes it is! I have called it and verified it personally. When someone cancels their trip the ship has an empty room and they don’t like that. So instead they offer these rooms FREE (You just need to pay $59 per person port taxes). They figure that if you have a great time  then you will tell your friends and it’s FREE word of mouth advertisement for them. It’s a win win situation for you and them.

How does it work you ask! Two people can sail on a free two night Bahamas cruise from Palm Beach, Florida. You will need to get yourself their whether you drive or fly. The choice is yours but once you get there the cruise is FREE! All you will pay is $59 per person for port tax. 2 people 2 nights for $118!! That is a seriously great deal (As soon as I get done sharing this deal with you I am headed to talk to my hubbie)! The value of the cruise for two people is a whopping $599!

What does the cruise include??

  • Private inside cabin
  • FREE meals and entertainment
  • Food includes constant buffets
  • Four Restarurants
  • Complimentary romm service
  • Free Coffee and Tea (Soft drinks and alcohol are not included)

They have received “Best Bahamas Getaway Cruise” by Porthole Magazine 3 years in a row. They are VERY flexible, you have 18 months to book your cruise date. Blackout dates are December 18-31 for dry dock days, and January1-January 4th. Ships sail three times a week so you can pick the day that works best with your schedule. Two people can be added if you want but there is an additional charge.

Call 1-888-545-2575 to learn more! It’s a great price and great for those of you who don’t have the money or the time to spend on a 2 week cruise. It’s a great deal! Enjoy! Now I’m off to talk to the hubby…sounds like an awesome getaway for us! 😉

Caribbean Cruise Line has parnered with Sister’s Saving Cents to bring you this great deal. I get a little something for sharing with my readers. 



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