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SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Every Spring is a chance for renewal, so be a risk-taker with your self-expression. Try bohemian fashions with a twist, like strong bamboo rings, full of color and soul. We love how it combines lightweight, easy-to-wear bamboo with sweet and classic floral motifs. A FREE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY BAMBOO RING ($27 value) and FREE SHIPPING just for joining sneakpeeq!

sneakpeeq infuses your home with whimsical and unique touches! Think the look of a hunting trophy is fun but definitely don’t want to shoot Bambi’s mom? Get a collection of Cardboard Safari to give the Family Room some character or toughen up a Play Room at 70% off! You can find Buck or Eyan the Elephant for only $9 (retails for $30)! SHIPS FREE! Click Here


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