DIY Super Easy Brownie Bats

Brownie Bats (1) pinterestHere is a super easy way to look like you did a bunch of work when in fact you really didn’t! So if you have forgotten that you were supposed to bring a treat to the school, your friends Halloween party or your potluck at work you can whip up a batch of these in no time flat!




  • Little Debbie Brownie Bats (sold at Target, Walmart and grocery stores)
  • Decorating icings: multiple colors
  • Sprinkles


  1. Pipe icing around the outside silhouette of each brownie (I used black icing). Sprinkle black sprinkles over the icing

  2. Pipe icing along the indentations of the wings (I used orange gel). Sprinkle orange sprinkles over the icing

  3. Apply 2 dabs of white decorating icing for the eyes

  4. Serve on a platter or insert cookie sticks into each brownie or place in festive cello bags with ribbon for individual treats

  5. ENJOY!


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