Window turned into a Picture Frame! #frugal #decorating

photo frame 2  I LOVE photographing my children and the results often fascinate me every time. So needless to say I have a lot of pictures that are worth hanging and needed to come up with something a little more creative for my home to make it with the times without hanging a few dozen picture frames. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a window turned into a picture frame in my house on Pinterest.


Awww Pinterest! Every free moment I try to search Pinterest {are you following me?!?} for inspiration in all areas in my life. I tend to check my pins for recipes and especially for crafts with the kids. Now I will let you in on a little secret….I am not a interior designer! I have no sense of what will look good and let alone what walls to hang things on. After I saw a pin of an image that showed a old window housing photos I was intrigued.

photo frame 1


I spent all summer looking for windows that were light enough to hang on my living room walls. I paid just $30 for the pair {and $1 for the car drawing!} and headed home. The windows sat around for three months while I debated on what exactly I was going to do with these beauties. I searched Pinterest again and could not find how these people were hanging photos without tape. Finally I had an “ah ha” moment! Scrapbook tape. It was really that simple. So I ran down the road with my Michaels coupon and picked up clear {this is vital!} scrapbook tape for just under $3 and headed home eager to get started.


After I pulled the images out that I wanted to display I took the scrapbook tape and ran a line along the top and bottom of the image. Then very carefully placed the picture where I wanted it to be. I only used 15 images leaving 1 spot blank for a image that I’ll be adding as soon as I get it printed {yup, I’m a slacker like that!}.


So for just under $33 + the costs of the photos I had a gorgeous display of family photos. I’ve had more compliments on this than any other piece in my house…maybe because it really does look gorgeous or the fact that it makes the room look up to date!


How do you display your family photos? I’d love to hear of your creativity, so leave a comment!

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