How to Use an Old Egg Carton For Storage

egg cartonHow to Use an Old Egg Carton For Storage

Do you have a child who has little pieces laying all over the house? Whether it’s legos or beads (like our house!) trying to contain the tiny pieces and keeping out of reach of the toddlers can be a never ending task. Not to mention, who hasn’t swept up a few and wondered if the vacuum was going to stay running, right?!?


Anyhow, here’s how to How to Use an Old Egg Carton For Storage:


  • First, take a damp cloth and rinse out the egg carton. This is just to ensure you don’t get any yuckiness on the tiny pieces.
  • Next, have your child help you sort their collection.
  • Lastly, cut a piece of card board to lay over the top to ensure the pieces stay in tact and don’t move around once the egg carton is closed up.


We turned my daughters bead/jewelry collection from this:

pc 1

 to this:

 pc 1


As you can see it’s much easier for her to build her own custom jewelry pieces!









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