Milk Jug Ghost Halloween Kids Crafts

milk jug ghosts Last night we finally finished our milk jug ghost Halloween decorations and boy did they look cute on my front steps. I even had people stopping after they got their candy to take their little ones pictures by the glowing ghost. My kids sure were proud of the end results! It was pretty  simple to make so I thought I would share with you how we made them.

What You Need

Empty Milk Jugs

White Paint (optional)

Black markers or Paint

Something heavy to put in the bottom (gravel, sand or dirt)

White craft lights ($1 at Dollar General)


How to Make a Milk Jug Ghost

First you need to start saving milk jugs in advance. I tend to save these all the time for different crafts and we always use them to save water in case of emergency. 🙂 Now, we went to the Dollar Store and bought a can of spray paint for about $1.50 to spray the milk jugs like ghost. I wouldn’t recommend using spray paint because it never quite dried correctly but in the small town we live in that is the only choice we had because we were out of white paint. As a matter of fact the milk jug ghost probably doesn’t even require paint as I have seen some without it and they look great too.

I let my oldest daughter spray paint them and I supervised. I saw the paint just dripping down the sides and I didn’t say a word to stop her. It’s her craft and I really hate when parents hover over them and try to make it perfect. It kind of takes some of the pride out of their work. Don’t see the imperfections, just look at the budding artist you could have on your hands! 🙂

After the jugs had dried overnight we needed to cut a hole in the back of the milk jug ghost so that we had a place to string the lights through to make them light up. Cutting the hole in the jug was not the easiest or safest task so we let Dad do that for us. We made a hole about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and it seemed to work out well.

Now comes the time to add the eyes. We were just going to use markers to make the milk jug ghost eyes and mouth but the markers did not work very well over the paint (if you don’t paint them markers should work well) so we used black paint. We all were fighting on who was going to get to make the “O” mouth on their ghost! LOL I started to string the lights into them when I realized that they were going to fall over pretty easy so I ran outside and grabbed some old fish aquarium gravel fish talk gravle to put inside to keep it stable. I used around 2 handfuls per ghost and they have not fallen over yet. 🙂

Now it’s time to add the lights. I used 2 strands of the white craft lights (they are just like Christmas lights but they are shorter). They cost $1 each at Dollar General. After we strung the lights through them we sat them out on the front porch and turned them on. My kids faces lit up!

We completed a project together as a family and everyone in the neighborhood loved our finished product and we didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to make our milk jug ghost. I hope you all enjoy the craft! 🙂


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