Food On The Table Offers Easy Meal Planning FREE for Life if you sign up now!

 A Great Way to Plan meals and Save money at your local store!! 🙂

 Food on the Table combines the weekly sales from your local grocery store with your family’s food preferences. Food on the Table – the better way to plan meals and save money. 

 Who isn’t ready to be a stress-free mom!!:)

Give it a shot, you just might like it!

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Here are some of my favorite services they have to offer…..

  • It automatically designs an easy to read shopping list based on what is on our menu for the week

  • It helps you change up your recipe with new ideas that are simple and easy to use

  • I can choose where I want to shop at this week  and it will bring u a list of recipes using foods that are on sale at that store!

  • I can choose if I want to eat a certain way ( like meat free) and it will bring up a list of recipes for that

Food On the Table Only offers a certain number of FREE memberships so hurry and sign up before it’s too late! Enjoy and let me know what new recipe’s you learn! 🙂


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