Savings Club: 30 day FREE trial membership! Let’s grab some high dollar coupons!

Are you a heavy duty couponer??? Or do you want to be??? Or would you just like some high dollar coupons? has a hot  Savings Club!! Well here is a 30 day FREE  trial membership. Sign yourself up and try it for 30 days FREE and see if you like it. 

Member Benefits:

  • Members save up to $20 or more each month
  • Advance VIP access to Savings
  • Powerful coupon search tools
  • Average Coupon Value is $3 (way better than a $.50 LOL)

I am going to check this out. I have been wondering if the Savings Club was worth it and now is my chance to find out. So here is what I am going to do. I am going to go here to sign up and enter my information. Then I am headed straight to my cell phone to set a reminder to cancel just in case I don’t want it. The savings club is $3 per month after your 30 day FREE trial and they say that the average user saves 5X their subscription cost per month. So hurry and check it out. Worse case scenario is we will all get some high dollar coupons for the month!! 

Click here to give it a try!! 




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