Talking Diabetic Meter FREE! See if you Qualify!

glucose meter Qualify to receive a Diabetic meter in the color of your choice, and meal planning tools such as our recipe book, meal planner, blood sugar tracker, and more. Yours at no cost when you qualify.

Do you need a new glucose meter?? Having trouble seeing the numbers are you existing meter?? Well you can grab a FREE Talking meter, recipe planner, meal planner and glucose tracker.

What are the benefits of a new meter??

  • hear your results in English or Spanish
  • You don’t have to prick your fingers, testing can be done on your arms
  • only requires .5 ml for testing
  • the meter allows you to track the last two weeks or see the last 300 test results
  • auto on/off (save money on batteries!)
  • warranty

So head on over and see if you qualify for a FREE meter today!!


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