UPS My Choice: Never again miss Another Important Package

It’s one of my favorite tools as a blogger because I no longer have to worry about coming home to find a little sticky note on my door telling me I missed a package. Or how about if you need to run to town and you think about that package sitting by your back steps while all the school children are walking by looking at it! Once you sign up for this FREE service here what happens:

You get an email letting you know that someone had scheduled a package to be picked up and delivered for you. On the day before the package was scheduled to arrive, you’ll probably receive an email letting you know between what hours I could expect your delivery.
You have the option of rescheduling, re-routing or telling the driver where to leave the package. If the delivery time isn’t a problem, you do nothing.

Sign up today for UPS My Choice (it’s free so you have nothing to lose!) and never miss another package!

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