A Jewelry Candle with Real Jewelry??? Can it be Possible??

I was recently given the opportunity to review a 3-8-1 jewelry candle and I was excited, like I always get excited when I get a jewelry candle but in the back of my mind I wasn’t looking forward to being disappointed again. You see, I always get garbage jewelry. I get so excited while the candle is burning that it almost drives me crazy. Then I get to the jewelry and my heart drops, I mean it’s pretty and all but you can just tell that it is worth next to nothing.

Well it came in the mail and I have to admit when I opened it I was pretty impressed. The candle itself was very heavy and the glass around the candle was a little thicker than traditional candles which to me made it look more expensive. The smell of the candle hit me right after I took it out of the box and it smelled pretty good. Then when I looked at the wax on the candle I saw glitter, now everybody loves a little glitter. 🙂 So once again it was coming up a cut above the rest. Well I had to light it right away, here comes the waiting to be disappointed part. When my husband came in the door of the kitchen that evening he started looking around and said “What’s going on? Did you get a  new candle?” I told him that I did and how did he know because I had blown out the candle hours before. He could smell it!! As a matter of fact everyday while we were burning it he said the same thing, that it was the strongest smelling candle he had ever smelled. As a matter of fact he still mentions the candle from time to time. I ordered “Day at the Spa” and it was a nice relaxing/feel good smell.

So I waited….and waited…..and waited some more until I could see a folded up peice of tin foil at the bottom. Well you know I went running for the tweezers so I could pull it out. I pulled out and unwrapped the tin foil and uncovered a small zip lock baggie that held the jewelry safe and sound. I could tell before I even pulled it out of the package that it was really pretty. I knew it was just going to be a piece of costume jewelry but at least it would be pretty costume jewelry! When I pulled it out of the baggie I thought ummm this doesn’t look fake….what????? I headed over to the computer because I had to look up the site to see how you would know if you got a “real” piece of jewelry or not because this did not look fake.

When I pulled up the website and started reading I realized that this company was a little different. Each individual candle contains a genuine piece of jewelry with a retail value of $39.99-$1,000 (please note this is in the 22oz candle). They even have special promotion times where they give away a special piece of jewelry worth $2,000-$5,000. The candle cost $30.99 and the least amount the jewelry can be worth is $39.99 AND you get a great smelling candle….hmmmm you do the math!! I know what’s is going on my Christmas List this year!! I have already told the hubbie!!

Below you will see a picture of the necklace that I received. It is absolutely beautiful and I lucked out because it is silver and that is my jewelry of choice! I feel so lucky this time around but I think that most 3-8-1 candle buyers probably feel the same way. 🙂

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  1. That is a pretty necklace.