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What Others Have Said:

  1. my favorite season is fall

  2. Sylvia Hepner says:

    My favorite season would have to be winter, it is a time of relaxation getting ready for the renewal of spring.

  3. Nicole Mo'Na Lewis says:

    My favorite season is spring. Me and my son plant flowers each year!

  4. Linda Childers says:

    Spring is my favorite season :)

  5. Carrie Costabile says:

    My favorite season is summer :)

  6. Marti Smith says:

    I absolutely love Spring! Can get outside and walk the dog and ride bikes with the Grandkids!

  7. i love spring and summer the most <3

  8. Paula Huckabee says:

    Summer so much fun to go camping!

  9. Lisa Bryant says:

    My favorite season is summer time!

  10. Freebies are great. Thank u.

  11. Amanda MacDonald says:

    thanks for the chance!

  12. Linda Bradshaw says:

    My favorite season is spring. Get to turn off the AC and heater and open the windows.

  13. Amanda MacDonald says:


  14. I love the spring when all the flowers start to bloom!

  15. My fave season is summer!

  16. mary mcmenamy says:

    i adore fall pretty leaves nice and crisp

  17. Dena Sablotny says:

    Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite season is!! I like spring.

  18. It’s spring!

  19. My favorite season is spring.

  20. i love summer!!!

  21. Rachel Brauer says:


  22. Donna Becker says:

    My favorite seasons would have to be spring followed closely by fall

  23. My favorite season is the Fall :)

  24. Quay Jones says:

    Spring,everything starts to come alive again.

  25. Becky Schollian says:

    Spring has always been my favorite time of year. So beautiful & colorful. Always seems to be just about right here in San Diego. A lot of outdoor events too!

  26. Spring is my favorite

  27. I love Winter! I love the holidays, and the family time, and the gift giving and all the crazy busyness of that season. It is also when my son and I celebrate our birthdays, and when we get to participate in a lot of musical events.

  28. Lydia Filipasic says:

    My favorite season is winter! I love the snow when we do get it!

  29. I love the fall, but I’m sure ready for spring lol

  30. Joanne White says:

    MY favorite season is Summer , because that is when my birthday and my granddaughters birthday is in july

  31. rudy nickles says:

    would love to win, theres a little outfit that I would love to get for my little girl but don’t have the funds to get it right now..I am a big fan of PayPal, I use it all the time, its the best way to shop online. Its quick and very easy to use that my 5 year old son that has Autism could use it!!!

  32. r we supposed to receive an email to confirm entry? Cuz if so, then I didn’t get one. And wut do u mean by valid PayPal email?

  33. ohhh winter. i love being bundled up.

  34. Favorite season is fall.

  35. Kim Reid says:

    My favorite season is Spring, thanks!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I love spring. :)

  37. Calshondra Williams says:

    My favorite season is Spring. I can go fishing, camping, BBQ, and play in the pool.

  38. Kami Dumis says:

    I live in Texas so it’s kinda hard because sometimes we don’t have seasons. We have very hot or very cold. So I like 75 degree days and we have very few of them.

  39. Priscilla says:

    My favorite season is winter.

  40. CHRISTI MALLOY says:


  41. Luv PayPal!

  42. JJ Caraway says:

    I love the summer cause the grand kids get to come and stay for a while.

  43. Alexandru Rusu says:

    My favourite season is summer!

  44. I love Fall.

  45. My favorite season is summer. Love the warmth and having the kids home.

  46. Krista H. says:

    My favorite season would probably have to be fall. I love the cooler weather, and I also just absolutely love the smells of fall. Of course, the leaves are beautiful as well as they are changing colors!

  47. ken walcher says:

    Spring time and great weather and sleeping weather too.

  48. jessica hager says:

    I like Fall because it isn’t to hot and not to cold.

  49. anne conover says:


  50. Cindy S. says:

    My favorite season is summer!

  51. Elisa Adams says:

    I love autumn!