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What Others Have Said:

  1. my favorite season is fall

  2. Sylvia Hepner says

    My favorite season would have to be winter, it is a time of relaxation getting ready for the renewal of spring.

  3. Nicole Mo'Na Lewis says

    My favorite season is spring. Me and my son plant flowers each year!

  4. Linda Childers says

    Spring is my favorite season 🙂

  5. Carrie Costabile says

    My favorite season is summer 🙂

  6. Marti Smith says

    I absolutely love Spring! Can get outside and walk the dog and ride bikes with the Grandkids!

  7. i love spring and summer the most <3

  8. Paula Huckabee says

    Summer so much fun to go camping!

  9. Lisa Bryant says

    My favorite season is summer time!

  10. Freebies are great. Thank u.

  11. Amanda MacDonald says

    thanks for the chance!

  12. Linda Bradshaw says

    My favorite season is spring. Get to turn off the AC and heater and open the windows.

  13. Amanda MacDonald says


  14. I love the spring when all the flowers start to bloom!

  15. My fave season is summer!

  16. mary mcmenamy says

    i adore fall pretty leaves nice and crisp

  17. Dena Sablotny says

    Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite season is!! I like spring.

  18. It’s spring!

  19. My favorite season is spring.

  20. i love summer!!!

  21. Rachel Brauer says


  22. Donna Becker says

    My favorite seasons would have to be spring followed closely by fall

  23. My favorite season is the Fall 🙂

  24. Quay Jones says

    Spring,everything starts to come alive again.

  25. Becky Schollian says

    Spring has always been my favorite time of year. So beautiful & colorful. Always seems to be just about right here in San Diego. A lot of outdoor events too!

  26. Spring is my favorite

  27. I love Winter! I love the holidays, and the family time, and the gift giving and all the crazy busyness of that season. It is also when my son and I celebrate our birthdays, and when we get to participate in a lot of musical events.

  28. Lydia Filipasic says

    My favorite season is winter! I love the snow when we do get it!

  29. I love the fall, but I’m sure ready for spring lol

  30. Joanne White says

    MY favorite season is Summer , because that is when my birthday and my granddaughters birthday is in july

  31. rudy nickles says

    would love to win, theres a little outfit that I would love to get for my little girl but don’t have the funds to get it right now..I am a big fan of PayPal, I use it all the time, its the best way to shop online. Its quick and very easy to use that my 5 year old son that has Autism could use it!!!

  32. r we supposed to receive an email to confirm entry? Cuz if so, then I didn’t get one. And wut do u mean by valid PayPal email?

  33. ohhh winter. i love being bundled up.

  34. Favorite season is fall.

  35. My favorite season is Spring, thanks!

  36. I love spring. 🙂

  37. Calshondra Williams says

    My favorite season is Spring. I can go fishing, camping, BBQ, and play in the pool.

  38. Kami Dumis says

    I live in Texas so it’s kinda hard because sometimes we don’t have seasons. We have very hot or very cold. So I like 75 degree days and we have very few of them.

  39. Priscilla says

    My favorite season is winter.



  41. Luv PayPal!

  42. JJ Caraway says

    I love the summer cause the grand kids get to come and stay for a while.

  43. Alexandru Rusu says

    My favourite season is summer!

  44. I love Fall.

  45. My favorite season is summer. Love the warmth and having the kids home.

  46. Krista H. says

    My favorite season would probably have to be fall. I love the cooler weather, and I also just absolutely love the smells of fall. Of course, the leaves are beautiful as well as they are changing colors!

  47. ken walcher says

    Spring time and great weather and sleeping weather too.

  48. jessica hager says

    I like Fall because it isn’t to hot and not to cold.

  49. anne conover says


  50. My favorite season is summer!

  51. Elisa Adams says

    I love autumn!