Exploring the World Through Sensory Tubes!

sensory tubes You guys should know by now that every month I receive a product from Learning Resources to try out and see how we like it and this month we tried out the Science Sensory Tubes. So now your probably wondering exactly what that is! Well there were four clear tubes included in the kit along with an idea booklet.

So what do kids need to do with four clear tubes?? Well there are tons of things to do with them! They come with solid lids that fit on the end so you can actually put liquid in them and they also come with a vented lid to stimulate the nose… possibly with a flower or maybe add in some herbs and spices or some essential oils. Of course you can also put in anything solid and colorful!!!  When we first received the tubes we were pretty excited to try them out so off we went on a hunt to find objects to put in the tubes for little Ms. Charlee Ann to try out. She is always fascinated with her sister’s ball collection. Her sister collects the tiny bouncy balls and Charlee Ann is never allowed to play with them because they are still a choking hazard for her. 🙁 So we filled 2 of the tubes up with little bouncy balls and you should have seen her face light up!! She got the biggest grin on her face and looked at her sister in amazement and said really loud …. BALLS!! So then we found some beads and added them to another one and filled the last one full of bells. Every single one of them was a hit. We were able to shake them all and hear different sounds and look through the clear glass and see all the different colors! We had a ball….no pun intended.

We also had fun adding liquids to the tubes. If you mix different types of liquid into them like oil and water (a little food coloring for tube color) then start gently rocking them back and forth you can make yourself up a nice little wave pool. If you add a little glitter or maybe some little plastic fish it looks spectacular. We also filled one with rice and added some very small items like coins and the little monopoly houses and made a little game of shaking them up and searching for the toys.

I think Charlee Ann’s favorite thing to do with them is we take a couple of them on a walk. We fill them up with anything we can find on our walk including but certainly not limited to leaves, sticks, rocks, acorns. berries, and even some trash from the side of the road. We like to give her more than one to fill up because then we can work on colors to because they each have a different color lid. So we would ask her do you want to put the stick in the blue one or the orange one. See now we are working her mind in another direction.

The possibilities are endless with the Sensory Tubes from Learning Resources! We love them and I don’t really think it’s something that she will outgrow. As her age changes so will the items that we use, her sister is 13 and she even had fun with them. 🙂

If you would like to order your own Sensory Tubes   click here. Make sure to check out Learning Resources on facebooktwitteryoutube and Pinterest to  keep up to date on all sales and new products. I absolutely love this company and you can start having your own teachable/fun moments!!

I have saved the best part for last!!! Learning Resources is giving one lucky Sister’s Saving Cents fan a Set of Sensory Tubes!!!

Enter on the rafflecopter below!! Good Luck!! US only must be 18 or older please!

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What Others Have Said:

  1. I love the Hide-n-Go Moo for my almost 2yr old

  2. diana mathews says

    I like the fix it my own tool set..

  3. Jennifer Snyder says

    I love the Market set but the sensory tubes are awesome!!! Id be honored to win them 🙂

  4. tamber squires says

    the doctor set and cash register are both amazing.

  5. melissa Barnes Walker says

    I found many things that I liked. I really liked the electronic abc/ 123 flash cards.

  6. alison alves says

    I really like the talk point. would be good to use with my autistic son, for reminders without me repeating!

  7. Stephanie Guenther says

    The teaching cash register. My boys love to learn about money and always want to receive the change when we are at the grocery store. Looks like a lot of fun!

  8. Karen Pikkaraine says

    Hide – n – Go Moo

  9. I like their Primary Science Jumbo Magnifiers with Stand. I run a free summer care for small children and love showing them things in nature and home they would not notice or think about and their little minds go racing.

  10. New to this site..interested in seeing what they are all bout!

  11. Nancy Carol Schools says

    I like the cash register.

  12. Sue Devers says

    I like the sensory tubes!

  13. Donna Murphy says

    I’m loving the Word Whiz Electronic Flash Card. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  14. My 5-year-old daughter said she would like the iTrax™ Game.

  15. would love to win these!

  16. I love the Talk Blocks. Perfect for my little one.

  17. Sounds like lots of fun.

  18. Elaine Powell says

    Hide-n-Go Moo for 2 yr old grandson

  19. Natalie Nunez says

    My kids would love allot of the things i saw in the 8 plus age group my twins would love the gears

  20. Stacey Miller (Mommyto Davis on FB) says

    I love the “Let’s Tackle Kindergarten” set for my 4 year old. Looks like lots of great hands-on learning tools to prepare him! (Mommyto Davis on Facebook).

  21. Amy Brooks says

    I loved that they had a special needs section for my daughter

  22. I like the Hide-n-go Moo for grandchildren.

  23. Christine S says

    I love the playfoam. Seems awesome for my child with celiac disease. Plus mess free is really something I need to see with a playdough substitute.

  24. I really like the Sprouts Cure It My Very Own Doctor’s set for my littly guy!

  25. I love Learning Resource! Such a great place to get products for our homeschool. My girls love to get creative and I know they would have a blast with the sensory tubes. After checking out the website, again, one thing I have my eye on is the jumbo eye droppers for the girls. We are always conducting science experiments and I think it would be great to teach them how to use the eye droppers. Such a fantastic resource! Thanks for this review.

  26. kristen m eby says

    thanks for the chance, we love the sensory tubes

  27. This would be my son’s favorite: New Sprouts™ Fix it! My very own tool set.

  28. My granddaughter would love the magnifying glass

  29. Oh I’d love to get that *Crocodile Hop floor game* for my grandkids to play with them, it looks fun!

  30. love the teaching cash register

  31. Snap and learn number bugs

  32. Sharon Fox says

    MY Asperger son would love these

  33. Allyson Odell Hunter says

    I love the glo-Pane™ Ultra-Slim Light Panel. So many interesting things that a child can do with this light box. Great sensory use for art projects and seeing inside of objects such as leaves and insects. So many uses that a child can use this for, me too!

  34. caroline g says

    I’d like the letter box or the counters for my son who will be 4 soon. We’ve just decided i’d try to teach him at home this year instead of going to pre-k so I need all the help I can get!

  35. Leanna Morris says

    I would like Hide-n-Go Moo™ for my grandbaby

  36. Rachel G. says

    The Talk Point would be a great addition!

  37. I like the sensory tubes… or the sentence building blocks.

  38. Jessica Whitehouse says

    My kids would like the jumbo animals- the endangered animals set or the zoo animal set.

  39. that would be hard i have pre k and then i have kinder and then up to 3 rd

  40. Michelle Olms says

    I like the Smart Snacks Counting Cookies.

  41. Evelyn Alejandro says

    I love the toys on their site because they are all great tools for learning. I think my favorite would have to be the Handy Scoopers. These would really help my son learn as he has a lot of trouble with fine motor skills. I also love the sensory tubes because they offer so many options for use. My son has sensory processing disorder and I know he would benefit from a toy that stimulates his senses!

  42. they are all pretty interestin

  43. Cherie Wiederrich says

    Froggy Feeding Fun looks like fun!

  44. Stephanie Easterling says

    Pretend & Play Supermarket Checkout look so fun to play.

  45. Would love to win for our grandkids!

  46. Angie loves family says

    Get the picture reading comprehension game…

  47. would love to win these

  48. Sara Bruce says

    Sneaky Snacky Board Game for my three year old

  49. betty wojnar says

    I like the all about me family counters!

  50. micheal dale grim says

    I liked the doctor set best!!!!

  51. Christina says

    Gears! Gears! Gears!® Super Set

  52. I like the cash register and The pertend school set.

  53. Angela Rhodes says

    I love the Hide and Go Moo – we have a farm! This is a great sensory toy.

  54. All About Me Family Counters, Set of 18

  55. renee Stenberg says

    like the cash register