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jerky direct Can Beef Jerky be good for you??? Well I’m not sure about that, but what about a healthier version? My daughter and I both love beef jerky. Every single time we go to the gas station she starts in with the “But Mom Please!” ordeal. It lasts long after we leave the gas station too. If she gets some (we don’t make a habit of picking up Jerky at the gas station) she goes on and on about how good it is, if she doesn’t then we hear for miles how she doesn’t understand why she just couldn’t get a small bag. Don’t get me wrong, she eats healthy food all the time but nothing compares to jerky in her mind. I have to agree that I like it to. The problem is my teeth just aren’t what  they used to be. Jerky can be a little tough for me to eat and some brands I just can’t eat at all.

So I got  pretty excited when I received 2 bags of Jerky Direct’s Natural Beef Jerky Extra Tender to try out.  I like the fact that the beef is raised without added hormones or antibiotics. We are not all out health freaks (although I wish we were) around my house but we do try to make healthier choices most of the time. Jerky direct does state the following….

  • No Preservatives
  • No Added MSG
  • NO Nitrite
  • NO Erythorbate
  • NO Artificial Ingredients
  • Only Minimally Processed
  • Delivered in our jerky double pack

The first thing I noticed about the Jerky was how tender it was. Now I did order the Extra Tender so I wasn’t too surprised but I just didn’t expect it to be that tender. It did surprise me that something that had been made to be so tender could still hold the same consistency that a regular jerky has. It was great not having to struggle to eat it but to get that same satisfaction that you get from chewing on the tough beef jerky. The taste of the beef jerky was very satisfying for a mid afternoon snack.  It had just the right combination of sweet, spicy and salty all rolled up into one.

The Jerky Direct beef jerky is reasonable in price compared to other Organic style jerkys. You can grab 2 for $12.00 which comes to around $1.84 per pound. The one thing you may need to know is you can’t find it in your local stores you have to order it from an independent distributor. Now don’t panic you can find her and all they have to offer on her  website, facebook or twitter. They also have tons of other products besides beef jerky including buffalo steaks, fruit snacks and natural, gluten-free turkey pet strips (yes, even our pets deserve the best!)

You can order directly from her website here. 

She also would love to have you on her sales team. She makes money selling her favorite snack so why can’t you?? I even asked my husband if he would be interested in selling it and he looked at me and said “Well it really is good jerky”! I have not decided at this time to sell jerky (blogging has me swamped under) but I am thinking about it for later and checking to see if my hubbie really wants to do it. I always share with you great money making deals so if you are interested in joining Jen’s team click here.

Now for the fun part!! How many of you would like to win a Sample of Jerk Direct? Please enter the easy entree giveaway below. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the giveaway! 🙂

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  1. Teriyaki!!!

  2. I love alllll jerky but my kids like the sweet ones.

  3. Amanda McGovern says

    We love teriyaki!

  4. My little man loves all flavors!!

  5. Teriyaki is our FAV!

  6. mary mcmenamy says

    Teriyaki is our favorite we love all jerkey

  7. Tammie Venne says


  8. I love Beef Jerky and it is good for you, as long as as its not full of salt and all… there are many different healthy types, and this looks to be one of the tastiest! I’m a Teriyaki man myself!

  9. My family loves jerky even our 2 year old. My favorite is Teriyaki, my husband goes for the Peppered.

  10. Anita Leibert says


  11. i like all jerkys

  12. All jerky satisfies my son….any flavor is a favorite!

  13. I would love to try the Hot Buffalo Wing jerky!

  14. the sweet and spicy buffalo jerkey sounds delicious!

  15. All of them! My family are Jerky freaks!!

  16. Peppered Steak Chunks

  17. beth hiatt-malston says


  18. Jennifer Rote says

    Peppered Steak Chunks Beef Jerky

  19. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    Hot Buffalo Wing jerky sounds good.

  20. I love beef now if all are mandatory im disquallified as twitter is givein me a proublem i didnt hit enter as i would not have done i did do the first 3 i do hope it counts thanks

  21. I would like Teriyaki

  22. KyLee Mills says

    Sweet and spicy or the peppered….

  23. The habanero sounds GREAT!!

  24. Linda Bartlett says

    My sons would love to try all of them! They love jerky and its a great after school snack! Thank you for this offer!

  25. I love me some terriyaki

  26. David Pender says

    They all sound good to me! But if I had to pick just one, it would be Peppered.

  27. Hot buffalo wing sounds good

  28. Teriyaki looks good to me!!

  29. Debbie Jackson says

    teriyaki is our fave
    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  30. Diana Foster says

    Buffolo wing sounds the best!

  31. Peppered or Hickory Smoked would be yummy.

  32. Rachel Miller says

    I’d love to try the Original Buffalo Wing Style chicken jerky 🙂

  33. Bernie Todd says

    Tender Hicory Smoked

  34. Ellen Levickis says