John Boos & Co Cutting Board Giveaway!

Welcome to the John Boos & Co Cutting Board Giveaway brought to you by I love My Coupon Fans, Sister’s Saving Cents and some more of my blogger friend! Good Luck to you all!
Looking for the perfect cutting board or block can be as hard as looking for a house.  You don’t want to have to buy one every year, you want one that will last for years.  So when I heard about John Boos company, I really wanted to learn more.  I contacted them and they sent me one to try out for my house.  The reasons I like John Boos & Co. is because they are the leading manufacturer of many products, including cutting boards. Their products are also all made in the U.S.A. They has been around since 1887.
I got a cutting board from the 2013 line.  The cutting board is 2 ¼ inches thick and from corner to corner it measures 24 inches.  The board is versatile because on one side you can find the juice groove which will help contain juices when you are cut veggies or meats.  While the other side is just flat.  Which is nice because you can use both sides of the board unlike the ones that have little feet on them.   On the side of the board there are handles screwed into the board, they are firm and make carrying this 30lb+ board a lot easier.  The board does come uncoated, which once you unwrap you will have to apply some the beeswax board cream that is provided.  It was a simple process to do and once every few weeks it must be done to keep the life of the board longer  and keep it from drying out, cracking or even splitting.  Once you apply the cream the first time you will notice that the board just shines more and has a life of its own.
My thoughts are–

The board is perfect for any kitchen lover.  The handles make moving around and flipping over the board a lot easier.  Also I love the deep groove in the juicer side since now instead of worrying about juice getting all over my counter I know it will get caught by the groove.  I love that the cutting board doesn’t move when cutting on it due to the heaviness of it.  This cutting board is over $100 in retail value but it completely worth it since this board with proper maintenance should last me my lifetime and longer.

 So now that you read my review and all about John Boos & Co you can enter to win one below.  Make sure you follow the directions below and check your emails on Wednesday to see if you won.

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What Others Have Said:

  1. Mim Bidlack says

    I love that it has handles, nothing like trying to wash a cutting board and having a round one turn round and round on you!

  2. Melissa holske says

    I love that it catches the juices when your cutting on it

  3. Megan Cromes says

    i love the size of the cutting board!

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I love the hardwoods.

  5. Wow now thats a cuting board. its so big. and looks well make. haveing the edge on there is great.

  6. I LOVE the size of it. So many times you cut on the cutting board, but there isn’t enough room so you either end up with a mess on your counter or having to continually shift & move what you are cutting. I also like the fact that it looks nice & very durable. 🙂

  7. Marin Mandrick says

    I like that it’s made in the us

  8. That it is round and a good size. Thanks for doing a great giveaway.

  9. manette martinez says

    what a beautiful cutting board

  10. This cutting board looks great! I love that it has two different sides and that it has handles. 🙂

  11. Donna Becker says

    I love the fact that it is made by a company that has been around for so long & still makes its products the old way not the cheap way. You can tell that if taken care of correctly that it will last a long time. I also love that it is produced in the USA.

  12. cindy sullivan says

    that it is made in the USA and the handles, juice grooves

  13. Lorraine C says

    I love the handles and that it is hardwood.

  14. Sandy Perez says

    The juice catcher

  15. jennifer wexler says

    i like the shape and it looks very durable

  16. I really like the juice catcher indentation.

  17. Shannon Gallagher says

    I love that it’s so huge! you can do multiple items on there and not have to wash in between, you can just use another space. Of course, not mixing meats and veggies on it! LOL

  18. Michelle T. says

    I love the size AND the look of this cutting board. It is gorgeous!!

  19. Anne-Marie P says

    I love the grooved edges to catch liquids while cutting your foods. My mother had a cutting board similar to this & I miss using it!

  20. cheryl lister says

    love the big size of this board, and also the juicer groove – very handy!

  21. Michelle Warren says

    I like the versatility of the piece. This is a beautiful luxury item that I would probably never be able to afford. I plan to do more entertaining this year and this board would look great as a centerpiece or server.
    Thank you!

  22. Christine says

    I like the handles & the size of cutting board!

  23. Kristina Sullins says

    It is a good size

  24. Love it

  25. I love Boo’s products. So I would love to own one of the cutting boards.

  26. cathy frith says

    Love the style,handles and that it holds the juice while you are cutting on it. Awesome board

  27. Elaine Powell says

    I love items made with wood. Beautiful board

  28. SJ Roragen says

    This is just beautiful! I do like the juice groove, but love that it can be flipped over so scraping vegetable off of it would be a cinch. And did I mention it’s JUST BEAUTIFUL?!!!

  29. love the looks and the size!

  30. renee Stenberg says

    I love anything wood and I also love anything to do with serving food. Would look great in my kitchen

  31. maureen sheets says

    Have always used a wooden cutting board! Now I need to replace mine and what better one than this one!

  32. Sabrina Lipscy says

    I love the size of this cutting board!

  33. Marlena Curley says

    I love how thick and durable this cutting board is. I usually buy cheap and have to keep buying more. I’d love to have something that lasts

  34. Christy Cummins says

    I love how big and thick it is.

  35. caroline g says

    I love the ridge to catch juices!

  36. Vanessa Man says

    It does not get any better than John Boos & Co.. They are the best at what they do.

  37. I like the handles.

  38. Elissa Indoe says

    Boos is an awesome company and I would be honored to have a made in the USA block of this caliber in my home. Plus it is an awesome size!

  39. It looks big and very sturdy especially for someone who cooks a lot like me it is perfect.

  40. Patricia Boo says

    Love round and wood and quality looks good.

  41. I really love that it has handles on it and that it is made of natural wood nice giveaway !