Learning To Eat Healthy with the Garden Fresh Salad Set for Kids @LearningHandsOn

IMG_5324I am always happy to see when we have an option to grab a toy that actually teaches our children about eating healthy and the Garden Fresh Salad Set for Kids from Learning Resources is perfect! My daughter had a ball playing with it and it was just the perfect size for our 4 person family. It comes with a giant bowl for mixing your salad and the cutest tongs that makes it great for working on her small motor skills.

We set it up on the table just like we were preparing a nice healthy lunch. I set all the veggies up in the serving bowl and told Charlee she needed to fix out lunch. Well she informed me that we are having supper! She had no problems at all using the tongs which were the perfect size for her little hands. She had a blast using the tongs to move each piece over to the individual salad bowls. Every piece is made to look just like the real deal and the bright colors held her attention for quite a while. She even learned what a pepper was……..I had never thought of it before but it is one food that we have not offered her yet. Remind me to stop by the store and get some later if you don’t mind! LOL


Tons of fun and lots of learning is what I love about a toy and we are never unhappy with any of the learning toys we get from learning resources, as a matter of fact they are always a favorite in our house. Not only does the Garden Fresh Salad Kit great for learning to eat healthy but it helps her role play, creative thinking and is great for hand eye coordination. All in all we had a blast and are planning a play date with some of her friends and the what item do you think will be on the menu that day?? You guessed it a great big salad with plenty of veggies! If you have never heard of Learning Resources you might want to check them out, they have tons of great educational toys. You can  follow them on facebooktwitteryoutube and Pinterest to  keep up to date on all sales and new products. I absolutely love this company and you can start having your own teachable/fun moments!!



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