Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub Review + Giant GIVEAWAY #giveaway #allnaturalbaby

matys's It’s winter again and you all know what that means! Cold’s, bugs, virus…….all of the above and when you have little ones it’s really hard to know what you can give them or better yet what you WANT to give them. We like to keep things all natural here when it comes to our little one and boy has Maty’s been a big help!

Let me start at the beginning. I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl who’s name is Charlee Ann (I know you already know this but maybe we have someone knew here). She was hospitalized as an infant for RSV related problems and has since had multiple problems with mild asthma brought on by allergies or colds. So when cold and flu season rolls around we get nervous. There is only so much you can do to keep a little one germ free and trust me…..we do it all!! We cough in our elbow, wash our hands and eat plenty of foods with vitamin C but sometimes doing those things and more is not enough. Well the other day she came down with a cold. Snot flying everywhere and the chest congestion started right away. I gathered up my sweet baby and we settled in for a nice long bath, complete with a closed curtain so we could block in as much steam as we could to help clear out her nose and chest.

After our bath we headed out to get bundled up when I remembered our Maty’s all natural baby chest rub. It’s the perfect go product when we have a bad cold. My daughter loves when I rub it on her chest and with myself fighting the cold I now understand why! While I was rubbing it on her chest my nose cleared out and I started feeling better!! A lot of times the chest rubs have an overpower odor and are way to strong for little ones but Maty’s is perfect!! Yes…..I know, you can tell already that I am a fan!!

They sent me a sample of the all natural chest rub (which I already had some but hey! I’m not going to pass up on a freebie) and they wanted me to write about my honest experience. They also have a GIVEAWAY!! Oh yes and it’s not a lame giveaway either!! They are giving away 10 Conscious Box Winners full of all natural, vegan and gluten free products along with 1,000 winners of sample packets!! I know you all love samples!

So head on over to their facebook page and check it out here. You can also follow them on twitter and pinterest or see all their products on their website here.

Check out their GIVEAWAY hereĀ 


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