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I have just been introduced to a company called “eebees adventures”. They have sent me some of their video’s to review and one to give away!!

About “eebees”

“eebee’s adventure” are designed to help you and your baby engage in a playful experience that some of the more traditional memorization video’s that are so popular today do not. When you watch eebee’s adventure as an adult you will all of a sudden realize that you forgot how to play!! At least that was my experience with it. I forgot that my daughter will love a colorful blue bowl and will love the way papers crinkle when you crumble it. When you child is playing they are actively trying to figure things out. With children playing and learning go hand in hand!:)

eebee’s has 4 video’s available at this time and they retail for $9.99 each. They sent me three of them. Two to review and one to give away to one of my lucky readers! My 12 year old chose to keep “Exploring Real Stuff” and “All In A Day’s Play. “Music and Sound” is the DVD we will be giving away! Alicia is very protective of her little sister and always wants to help her do things! So she of course had to pick her DVD.

Check out this “eebee’s video below!

My oldest told Charlee Ann about what was going on and I sat back to watch these two watch the video! Alicia sat on the couch and Charlee Ann (my baby) as usual took off crawling to her sister. She stood up holding up to the couch and Alicia pointed to the t.v. and said “LOOK Charlee Ann!” Charlee let out the biggest squeal and Alicia had a big smile on her face! 🙂 Of course mommy was happy too!

The first one they watched was “All In A Day’s Play” and of course every time the baby on t.v. did something Alicia had to run and grab whatever Charlee needed to “play” with eebee to. First we needed some laundry. So off Alicia ran to grab laundry and boy did Alicia and Charlee mess in the clean/warm laundry! It was the cutest thing I have seen. They both really liked the video. Of course, Alicia is a little old for it but she really enjoyed her baby sister watching it.


The next day me, my hubby and Charlee Ann watched “Exploring Real Stuff”. This really brought me back to reality on how I need to be spending time with my daughter. I forgot how simple but complex their minds are! I have been worried about this and that and what I really need to do is grab everyday items with different textures and sit down with her and let her enjoy them with me! It was kind of a wake up call of sorts! 🙂

I love the simplicity of “eebee’s adventure’s”. I love that it reminded me of how to bond with my child. My kid’s really enjoyed their self and we had some great family time! That is what really counts to me, the family time! You can connect with “eebee’s” on facebook here. If you want to see what else they have to offer or make an order or check out their website at click here. To see clips of their video’s on youtube click here.

To find a FREE video download click here!!

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  1. It looks really cute! I imagine that any baby/young child would love the interaction, colors, and sounds. THanks!

  2. As the creator or eebee’s adventures, I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with your review and even more delighted to learn that not only did the “adventures” engage your youngest daughter, but they also appeared to have inspired you, your husband and older daughter, too. Our goal was never to simply create a show, but rather to be a catalyst for real-world play and interaction. Sounds like we were successful at your house! Welcome to the “famileebee!!”