****CLOSED****SKOY Cloth Review and Giveaway

skoy cloth Two stay at home moms came up with a brilliant idea called the SKOY cloth. It is a cloth that can take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels, be used as a washcloth, is super absorbent and can fully decompose in 5 weeks. Now I actually went to Skoy and asked if I could do a review on their product. I am trying to decrease my carbon footprint and this product seemed perfect! The Skoy cloth can be used in place of your washcloth, sponge or paper towel and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom,  and even at the office.

Now one thing I was scared of is the fact that I don’t use sponges because they harbor so much bacteria. Even though the Skoy cloth can hold up to 15x it’s own weight in liquid it dries very quickly giving those germs a less chance of thriving. The Skoy cloth can be thrown in the washer or you can just throw it on the top shelf of your dishwasher and it will sanitize any germs that may be lingering around. I actually use 3 of them on a daily basis. I use one as a washcloth in the sink, I have one specifically for wiping up Charlee Ann after she eats (she is just a mess!) and I have one for cleaning up spills. I have actually found that it may be one of those

charlee messy

Clean this mess with a paper towel?? I don’t think so!!

items that I cannot live without.

I have been using the Skoy cloths now for around 2 weeks and I received 4 of them and they are all still in great shape. I just have one problem at the moment! Since I use 3 of them every day and I like to wash them once the day is done then I am gonna have to order another set!! I actually was talking to my husband the other day about ordering them for Christmas gifts. Everyone in the family is trying to watch their household waste and I think this would be perfect. The cost alone is enough to make me want to switch from paper towels. Let’s see, if we buy 15 rolls of paper towels that cost $1 each then that is $15. Four Skoy cloths cost $6.99 and my shipping is going to be $1.94 and that is a grand total of $8.93. So it’s actually better for the environment and your budget!!

You can find them on Facebook or twitter. Make sure you follow them so you can keep up to date on their products and any specials they may have! 🙂 They also sent me an extra set of Skoy cloths to give away to one of my lucky readers!! Enter the rafflecopter below and good luck!! 🙂

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What Others Have Said:

  1. I think these would be a life saver in my house! I also think i’d save some $!

  2. I think it’d be a lot more convenient and help me out with cleaning the bathrooms and the oven top too.

  3. I love Skoy! I have a set and was just saying the other day that I needed more!

  4. I love my Skoy Cloths!! You can never have to many in your house!

  5. I love this kind of thing..Makeing life better one item at a time..

  6. Amanda McGovern says

    they look awesome!! I need them for wiping my messy eater too! 🙂

  7. Ashley Schein says

    I think they are awsome because they decompose and are better to use than paper towels.

  8. They sound awesome…like that they are re usable and decompose.

  9. lisa leonard says

    sounds good love to try

  10. Christina Domingue says

    i think it would be a money saver and a great help in keeping my kitchen cleaner

  11. A great product to have at the house.

  12. I love Skoy! I love everything about them~!~!~

  13. I can use these. My kids are always spilling stuff and it would save me tons of money! Love it.

  14. crystal kelley says

    i think they are pretty cool would lovet o try it

  15. I’m all for using less paper around the house.

  16. love it because its small. portable and can take anywhere and I know its a great cloth for cleaning little bodys!

  17. I go through a lot of paper towels daily and I would love to try to save on them!!

  18. michelle wilson says

    These sound amazing I would love to win this givaway.

  19. Jennifer Rote says

    I love them! So quick and handy.

  20. This is just what I’ve been looking for.

  21. I definitely could use these…. we go through paper towels like crazy

  22. They sound like they would be great, I am looking at options to replace the paper towels as I run out. These sound like they would be a good contender.

  23. Jennifer Johansen says

    These sound awesome. Right now we use rags instead of paper towels – every time a shirt becomes unwearable, it goes in the cleaning rag pile. These look sturdier and more absorbent!

  24. When you compare the price of the Skoy cloths to paper towels, the savings add up in a hurry. I think I’d like them much better than sponges.

  25. ALas…be gone paper towels!!!

  26. Darling Kle says

    I say they are a great idea being that we have quit using papertowels in my own home and started using towels and wash clothes in their place. So I think this would assist in helping us also!

  27. I think tis is a great ideal and odd good job MOM’S

  28. I think it would cut down use of paper towels in my home & I’ve always wanted to try them!

  29. Alexia Miller says

    No more stinky sponges!!!

  30. debbie jackson says

    I think they sound fabulous.

  31. I need them with 3 slobs in my house lol.

  32. Gail Willilams says

    I hate paper towels and like that they decompose quickly.

  33. I have never had anything but I have heard good things about them

  34. Margie Young says

    They sound wonderful , I would love to give them a try !!

  35. I love that SKOY cloths would replace over a dozen paper towel rolls and are easy to clean (bonus that I can ‘wash’ it in the dishwasher)!