Twisty Droppers! Opens a World of Color for your Toddler!

PicMonkey Collage I am always looking for great ways to play with my daughter Charlee Ann and we had a ball the other day playing with some twisty droppers and watercolor. So you know I had to run and tell you all how we did these beautiful window pretties so you can have some fun with your own kids at home. 🙂

I found some twisty droppers at Learning Resources and figured they would work really well with watercolor and some coffee filters. Most of these items we just had around the house so they didn’t cost an arm and a leg to make and ended up being hours of fun!

How to Make Tye-dyed Circles

What you need

Twisty Droppers

liquid WaterColor

Coffee Filters


  1. I found some clear glasses and added some watercolor to them. I also added some water to it to dilute it a little bit. You don’t really have to do this but it seems to make the watercolor last longer and we get more uses out of it and it doesn’t seem to make it look a whole lot different. Just a little faded or not as bright.
  2. So then it was time to teach Charlee Ann how to use the twisty droppers. She is a little over 2 and these take some hand eye IMG_4108 coordination along with practicing her small motor skills so I was pretty excited with how well she did. It didn’t take her long to pick it up and we were moving right along with our project.
  3. I took the coffee filters and put them on some paper plates which we did outside on her picnic table to keep the mess off my floor!  Once we had the coffee filters on the plates and I showed her how to squeeze the droppers, pick them up and re-squeeze them onto the filters she was squealing in delight! She loved the bright colors and the fact that she was actually moving the colors around. It also didn’t take her long to figure out if she just kept squeezing the Twisty IMG_4109 Droppers while they were in the watercolor that they made lots of bubbles!!
  4. After we had all the coffee filters covered with watercolor I removed them from the paper plates and dried them out. Boy were they pretty and Charlee Ann thought she was just quite the artist. She kept running around yelling “Look! Charlee Do MOMMA! It’s pretty!!”. PRICELESS!

These droppers have turned into one of Charlee Ann’s favorite toys. She wants to use them all the time, even in the bathtub which is a lot less messy! LOL She wants to drink with them, play with them, paint with them and even give her pretend friends drinks with them. The possibilities are endless with the Twisty Droppers.

If you would like to order your own Twisty Droppers    click here. Make sure to check out Learning Resources on facebook, twitter, youtube and Pinterest to  keep up to date on all sales and new products. I absolutely love this company and you IMG_4116 can start having your own teachable/fun moments!!

I have saved the best part for last!!! Learning Resources is giving one lucky Sister’s Saving Cents fan a Set of Sensory Tubes!!!

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