Who Wants to Win a Brand New Pool! !! Simple entry, just Name, E-mail Birth Date! Soooo Simple! Ends 5/26

pool giveaway You guys are not going to believe this!! Woman’s freebies is giving away a brand new pool!. 🙂 I just finished entering and you just put your name, birthday and e-mail address, that is it!! A plain old fashioned giveaway where you don’t have to “like” a million pages! Good Luck guys. I hope one of us wins!!

Just follow the directions below to find the giveaway!!

1) go here and put your email address (you must be a member to enter! Don’t worry it’s free to be a member)

2) after you go there then click this link  here  to enter

3) that’s where you enter your info!



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  1. Both links give the same page to sign up for their newsletter. Is there a reason we have to sign up twice? There was no page to put any additional information on, just email, first name and birth year, then zip code but nothing else.

  2. Laura Orlando says


  3. Maria Jones says

    I found the link to enter for the pool:)