Handcrafted wallcoverings are here to stay

photo courtesy of atriumwallcoverings.com

photo courtesy of atriumwallcoverings.com

Any of you gentlemen out there in the middle of a home remodel heard of a company called Atrium Wallcoverings? Well if you haven’t let me tell you a little secret. They rock! And I’ll tell you why. Remember in your last home or apartment when your shoulders and arms were killing you because of all the painting. Remember the darned drop cloths and spilled paint and taping off every single baseboard? Taping all the crown molding? Cleaning paintbrushes and buckets? Uhgghh. I fell myself reaching for the muscle rub just thinking about it.   So here’s the secret. Tell your significant other that instead of painting why not do wall coverings. Now trust me, you will get an instant negative response as visions of dated eighties type wallpaper dance through her head. Well, just make sure your laptop or iPad is near and steer her over to Atrium’s website. They have the most amazing handcrafted wall coverings she’ll ever see.   First she’ll think that there’s a catch but once she gets sucked in to all of their incredible designs and how great everything looks she’ll never know of your ulterior motives. And as she goes on and on to her girlfriends on the phone about the wall coverings that she picked you can throw out the old paint rollers and paintbrushes. And maybe even the muscle rub too.


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