Help My Sewer and Microwave Bit the Dust! What’s Next??

Two months ago we woke up to a horrible mess in the basement. We had a sewer problem and it was not pretty! Now let me go ahead and ease your mind and tell you that the problem has been fixed but that was after a whole lot of stress and a whole lot of work. We are home owners and let me tell you something. When you have a problem and you are the home owner YOU are in charge of getting it fixed and nobody cares if you have money or you don’t have money or if your just having an off year and everything keeps breaking.

I’ts awful scary when you think about it and things break all the time. We were lucky enough to have the money in savings to fix what was broken but what scared me most of all was thinking what if we didn’t have the cash. What would have happened?? Of course I was talking to my best friend through all of the mess and she asked me if we had a Choice Home Warranty. I had heard of home warranty’s before but never really paid much attention to it. She reminded me of when her oven had broken and she had someone out to fix it and it was covered under a home warranty. The conversation started coming back to me and I sat there thinking hmmmmm maybe there is something to this home warranty business!

So I started searching the web and checking it out and then the microwave went out. The built in kind that is not cheap to get replaced. At that time I was just flat out annoyed and looked on the internet and found that if we had a home warranty that it would have been covered. They cover all kinds of things that are always breaking including the dishwasher, stove, water heater and plumbing system. I’m only 43 years old and I have a whole lifetime of things breaking ahead of me and I’m thinking before I lose anymore money on products that repeatedly break over time that I better get me a Choice Home Warranty service to help me out.


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