Home Made: Eye Makeup Remover

I would like to thank adeleneStone for this wonderful recipe! This is a great way to save money….eye make-up remover! If you don’t have the ingredients hanging around your house, you will only need to spend about $3 and will get about 30 bottles out of it! 🙂



1 Cup Water

1 1/2 TBSP Baby Shampoo (tear free)

1/8 TSP Baby Oil ( Coconut Oil or Olive Oil)


Mixing Bowl

Measuring cup/spoons

Bottle to put finished product in

Small funnel or just try to get it in there like I did!! LOL



Just mix all the ingredients together!! Then put it in your container. I use cotton balls to rub on my eyes and it works fabulous.  I hate buying eye makeup remover but it makes it so much easier to get that mascara off! Enjoy! 🙂


Photo credit Southern Scraps

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  1. Michelle J says

    Thank you so much for this post!! OMG, the cost and mildness of this is non comparable to store bought. Thank you so much for this, going to the dollar store to get the shampoo and oil and make some tomorrow and try it out.