Home made Guest Post: White Vinegar Tips and Tricks!

I have a few days that I am having family in town so you guys will be seeing some tips from some of my great blogger friends! This Tips and Tricks are sent over from Feisty FruGals. So please head over and check out their blog because it is a great one and would hate for you to miss out! 🙂

Here is what she has to say……….

Probably 5 or so years ago, my son got sick in the car, I couldn’t find ANYTHING to get the smell out, so I did some research, and came up with white vinegar.

I was looking for an alternative for clearing my drain, again white vinegar pops up! This is an organic alternative for so many cleaners (and, nothing commercial worked for my first issue.  by pouring in 1 cup baking soda, then one cup hot white distilled vinegar. Let this sit for 5 minutes or so, then run hot water down the drain.

  • Do you want your windows and dishes to sparkle, look no further than you’re trusty bottle of white vinegar.
  • Don’t want to use a commercial cleaner on your counter tops, and you don’t want the chemical smell or mess of bleach? I use white vinegar. It also sterilizes as it cleans.
  • In my old house, I had a very difficult to clean floor, I was partial to bleach, but, not the telltale white drops it left on my clothes, white vinegar did the trick (later my shark mop took over the task). My floors here are hardwood, white vinegar is also ok to use on these floors!
  • You can make a scouring cleanser, by combining 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 tablespoon liquid detergent. Add just enough white distilled vinegar to give it a thick but creamy texture.Deodorizing and cleaning the garbage disposal, with white distilled vinegar ice cubes. Make them by freezing full-strength white distilled vinegar in an ice cube tray. Run several cubes down the disposal while flushing with cold water.
  • Cleaning the microwave is easy, by mixing 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a microwave-safe bowl. Bring it to a rolling boil inside the microwave. Baked-on food will be loosened, and odors will disappear. Wipe clean.A half-and-half solution of water and white distilled vinegar will clean the shelves and walls of your refrigerator
  • Cutting the grime on top of the refrigerator is made simple, and safer for you and your family, with a paper towel or cloth and full-strength white distilled vinegar.Clean a grease spattered oven window, saturate it with full-strength white distilled vinegar. Keep the door open for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping with a sponge.
  • You can remove soap buildup and odors from a dishwasher, by pouring a cup of white distilled vinegar inside the empty machine and running it through a whole cycle. Do monthly.
  • For Cloudy glassware? Soak paper towels or a cloth in full-strength white distilled vinegar and wrap around the inside and outside of the glass. Let sit awhile before rinsing clean.
  • Getting rid of deposits left in a tea kettle, by adding 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar to the water and letting it sit overnight. If more drastic action is needed, boil full-strength white distilled vinegar in the kettle a few minutes, let cool and rinse with plain water.
  • Clean your coffee maker, with white distilled vinegar. Fill the water reservoir with 1 cup or more of white distilled vinegar and run it through a whole cycle. Run it once or twice more with plain water to rinse clean.
  • Remove stains from mugs, by scrubbing them gently with equal parts of salt (or baking soda) and white distilled vinegar. Rinse clean.
  • Di you have stained, smelly plastic containers? wipe them with a cloth dampened with white distilled vinegar. 
  • Lunch box odors? you can get rid of those too, by placing inside a slice of bread that has been soaked in white distilled vinegar. Leave overnight.
  • Remove the film from flower vases, and bottles by letting undiluted white distilled vinegar sit in them for a few hours. Add a little rice or sand and shake vigorously to loosen stubborn stains. Repeat if necessary.White glove test?
  • Easily clean your blinds, by wearing pair of white cotton gloves.  Dip gloved fingers into a solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm tap water, and run your fingers across both sides of each blind. 
  • Make a metal cleanser, by adding enough white distilled vinegar to 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar to make a paste. Rub it on and let it dry on the surface. Wash it off and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Discourage ants, by spraying undiluted white distilled vinegar outside doorways and windowsills, around appliances and wherever you find the pests coming in.
  • Get rid of fruit flies, by setting out a small dish of undiluted white distilled vinegar

Make sure you stop by and say Hi to Eillen at Frugal FruGals! She has given us a great list here!!  Do you have any Tips and tricks with vinegar?? Make sure you leave a comment and share your tips so we all can use them! 🙂



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