Tub and Shower Magic Cleaner!

tub and shower magic cleaner  Tub and Shower Magic Cleaner!

I’m always looking for ideas to make cleaning my house easier and this idea is a keeper!

What you need:
12 oz White Vinegar
12 oz Liquid, blue Dawn detergent

What you do:
1.) Heat vinegar in microwave ( I put mine in for 30 seconds)
2.) Add Dawn dish soap slowly
3.) Gently shake

Then your ready to clean.  I took mine and sprayed it in the tub and let it sit for about 10 min..I went in with my scrub brush and with a little elbow grease I was able to get my tub sparkling clean!  I did have to scrub it to get it clean but nothing like I have done in the past when using store bought cleaners. 🙂
Give it a try you will be so happy you did!!


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