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ZoomBucks Zoombucks is another online-rewards website. In other words, they pay you to use their website. You simply earn zoombucks for participation, which you can redeem for any reward of your choosing. Range of Rewards 6/10 The range of rewards in the Zoombucks catalog is pretty extensive. However, I do find it much more limited than an other online-reward websites.

  • Gift Cards in the amounts of $5, $10, $25 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Gap, Tim Hortons, Best Buy)
  • PayPal payments in the amount of $5. You will need a PayPal account to receive the prize.
  • Electronics including iPad 2, Kindle Fire, Tablets, etc.

Earning Potential 8/10 Zoombucks offers many methods of earning. From conducting searches, to viewing the daily page, completing surveys, tasks and offers, there are many different ways to quickly accumulate points. As a result, the amount of time it takes before you can redeem prizes is completely dependent on the time commitment you are willing to put forth. Demonstrated below is a breakdown of the cash value of a zoombuck.

Level of Difficulty 7/10 Zoombucks is another pretty straight-forward website to use. It does take a certain level of time commitment to earn a substantial amount of points. However, if you do not want to commit much time, simply conducting searches, just viewing the offers wall and the ZDaily homepage will garner you some points.

Overall Opinion 7/10

I really like Zoombucks, it does offer a few different things from Swagbucks. For example, one of the  tasks is to complete for points, is just flagging inappropriate images. You simply click on any image that features nudity, violence or sexuality and are awarded points quite easily. At of all the online-rewards websites I use, I have never come across an easier task than that. Therefore, I do recommend Zoombucks for those looking for an easy way to earn a bit of money online.


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