My Survey is accepting people again! Hurry before all the slots fill up!! Make some money by giving your opinion!

MySurvey is a company that pays you for your opinion. You won’t make tons of cash – but you will get a little cash. Most of my Christmas is bought with moneyI earn throughout the year from survey sites. Many of you have said that this is a company that pays and that you are happy with them. This is a survey company that sends out invitations to participate based on the profile you create when you sign up – you even get points for the screening process.

MySurvey gives points that you can redeem for cash, prizes or charity donationwith just a few simple clicks (1,150 points = $10.00 cash)..

IMPORTANT: MySurvey sends you an email within a few minutes of your sign up that will ask you to confirm your account so you start receiving your survey alerts. It is much easier to keep track of your survey sites if you set up a seperate email just used for them. I personally like gmail and it’s FREE of course!! 🙂

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