School Fundraising with Little Passports

pc 1There is one big problem as far as I am concerned with school fundraising and that problem is every kid in the United States sells the same stuff. Mom and Dad take their precious little child’s fundraising paperwork to school and there are five other parents who are selling the same exact thing!! It’s frustrating and it just doesn’t work out very well.

The other problems I see with School FundraisingĀ is they always sell candy. Well guess what?? January is the absolute worst time of the year to sell candy. Everybody and their brother are trying to be aware of their food choices and why in the world would they buy candy. šŸ™ It’s just a bad deal all the way around. These little ones need to make some money for their school and everyone would love to help them but we need something just a little different to offer. That my friend is where little passports comes in.

Planning a fundraiser at your child’s school?Ā Little PassportsĀ is the perfect partner, with an award-winning educational product that kids and parents love.

Here’s how it works: your community shops atĀ Little PassportsĀ and we donate 15% back to your school. They even have a flyer to help you spread the word. Get more information here:Ā


What kind of school fundraising have you done at your school?


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