Save Money On Flooring

saving-money-on-flooringAs you all know we bought a house about a year and a half ago. There were two things that we loved about the home and that was the old windows which are placed all around our living room and dining area and the hardwood floors throughout the home. I have asthma and hardwood is what my doctor suggest for me and both of my children.

The problem with an older home is, well it’s older and needs quite a bit of updating. We knew when we bought the home that we would need to do a lot of work to it but the character and charm of the home are well worth all of the work that we are going to have to put into it.

So now here we are trying to figure out the most cost effective way to either redo or replace the hardwood floor. So I am on a hunt to save money on flooring!! The thought of doing it ourselves is a little overwhelming to me but that has never stopped me before when trying to save money so my hubbie is doing some research on how to do that.

I have been researching on BuildDirect reviews which seems to take out the middle man…… I hate paying the middle man and it seems that saving on shipping would be a good option also. I’m starting to get a little search crazy over here but did find a good deal on laminate flooring on but have had a bad experience with laminate before and tend to like hardwood a little better.

There are many ways to save on your flooring including taking out the middle man, doing your own work, searching for deals, and looking for something that came out last year instead of the latest and greatest new flooring options. Keep your eyes peeled for used flooring. There are times that people just change their mind on what they want in their home and they get rid of flooring that has absolutely nothing wrong with it just to have something they like better or something that matches their new colored walls better.

Do you have any money saving ideas when it comes to flooring?? Leave me a comment below so we can all help each other save  money on flooring.


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