10 Ways to Help Save Money on Meat

Meat! Now there is one area where it is really hard to save money. Saving money on meat can be hard and overwhelming I have come up with a list of hints that I hope will help in that department. Please feel free to leave your own ideas. This is a very hard area to figure out ways to save. 🙂

save money on meat

How to Save Money on Meat


  1. Try stretching your supply- Purchase smaller amounts of meat. Then, stretch it with oatmeal, breadcrumbs, or crackers. (Now me know why mom made meatloaf a lot!)
  2. Buy Leaner Cuts- After you cook the “cheap, fatty” meat there is hardly anything left of it. Per ounce after cooking your better savings will probably come from buying the “leaner” cuts of meat.
  3. Explore your options- Check your area and see if there are any butcher shops that sell meat below grocery store prices. (maybe someone in your family or circle of friends would be interested in splitting an order)
  4. Buy whole and cut yourself- Meats that have been sliced and trimmed will cost a lot more than the cuts that you have to take home and cut yourself. Buy whole pork roast and chickens and cut it up yourself. Then you are not paying the butcher to do it for you.
  5. Try having a couple “meatless” meals per week. There are a lot of options out there to keep our taste buds happy without tons of meat added in!
  6. Buy Reduced Price- Grab those packages of meat that are reduced for quick sale then use them before the use by date or freeze them. (my County Market marks meat down the day after they butcher it!)
  7. Buy Big- Check the price per ounce on the “Family Packs”. They usually cost less per ounce than the smaller ones. Take them home and divide it up into the portion sizes that you need.
  8. Buy Cheaper Cuts- Buy the cheaper cuts of meat and then tenderize or marinade to perfection! (see here for a great way to tenderize)
  9. Buy from the deli-Check your prices. I always thought the deli bologna would be much higher than the pre-cut Oscar Mayer Bologna. This is not always the case. They charge you extra for that perfect slicing and package that you get!
  10. Buy Ends- Ask the butcher if they have any lunch meat “ends” that are at a discount price. You might be able to find yourself a great deal!

What ways do you save money on meat at your house??


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  1. I can’t do it often, but when Zaycon foods or other similar supplier has a sale in my area, I buy meat in bulk. It’s one big cost up front, but then the freezer is full for months. It’s been very helpful.