New to Couponing: Check your Papers before buying them!

I have heard a lot of complaints about people getting home to find that their newspaper is missing some or all of the inserts and that leads to money down the drain! 🙁 If at all possible check your papers before you leave the store! I stand there and check each and every one of them. I usually buy 4. Two to keep for myself and two to use in Giveaways. I do not take couponing to the extreme. I am just a normal everyday saver kind of girl! 🙂

I know that some of you have no choice and get your papers from a machine and the one I have up the block from me I have to kind of hold the door open with my leg while I am checking the inserts so I usually just go to the gas station 20 minutes away. LOL I live in a small town with NOTHING in it. But I love it and wouldn’t change a thing!! 

So just remember if at all possible check your paper for inserts! 


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