Teaching Kids to Save: Start Couponing Early

BU002295Children are smarter than we think they are, especially when it comes to money!! Start teaching them to coupon at an early age and they will remember it for the rest of their lives, especially if you show them what can be done with the money they save. Start an envelope and put the money that you save into it and let your kids help you decide what family activity you will use the money for. Maybe you can use the saved money to rent a movie, buy a new toy or craft supplies or maybe a family dinner out would be fun. Once they figure out they can do something fun with the savings they will be ready and willing to help you coupon.

Here are some tips on how they can help you coupon, of course it depends on their age but be inventive and you can figure out ways they can help based on their age.

  1. Have them help you cut coupons. Whatever your coupon cutting system is I’m sure they can give you a hand. Maybe you only cut coupons you are going to use, or maybe you cut them all. Whatever your style is and if they are old enough it is a great way they can help. Just make sure they know not to cut the date or barcode off the coupon.
  2. Looking for coupons in store. Have them keep an eye out for peelies (coupons located directly on coupons) or blinkies (these are the coupons located on the product shelf at the store). My daughter is great at finding these but I do make her show me them when she finds them so I can let her know if I will use them or not (I don’t want to be a horder and grab something we won’t use, I let her know this is a waste of paper and trees).
  3. Helping you find items that are on your list. This is very easy because if you are looking for a certain item it will help keep them busy in the cart.
  4. Have them hold your list and check it off for you.
  5. Show them the best deal when checking your coupon deal and generic items. Most generic items are just as good and can be cheaper than using a coupon at times.
  6. Have them help put your stockpile away and keep it organized. Often before shopping I will send Alicia into the basement to check on certain items such as chicken noodle soup. She is 12 and plenty old enough to count how many we have left.

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you teach your children how to save their cents!! We can learn from eachother and should be able to come up with more ideas together!! Happy Saving!!


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  1. I let the kids go through the photo pockets and pull the ones that have expired so we can send them out. Also asking the older than 2nd grade to help add & subtract & multiply will give them a chance to work on their mental math skills too.