Virtual Piggy: A FREE Online Savings and Spending Program for Children!! Great Way to Teach Kids to Save

virtual piggy
Virtual Piggy
is a new online tool that helps children save, spend & give, responsibly.

As you guys know I am all about teaching my children how to save and you may think I am crazy but  online spending and banking isn’t the wave of the future, it’s already happening.  In addition to giving your children a safe, secure, online shopping experience, Virtual Piggy also helps address some age-old financial responsibilities through an online dashboard that tracks savings.

virtual piggy 2

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • A parent registers their account, providing information such as their preferred credit card for future purchases, and a shipping address.
  • Then, the parent can create accounts for each of their children and establish detailed parental controls (such as approved merchants, transaction limits, levels of transaction approvals).
  • Because financial and shipping information is stored in the parent account, the child never has access to it.
  • The child is then able to check out at Virtual Piggy merchants, using only their username and password.

Virtual Piggy is the safest way for kids to save, spend and give online, learning financial literacy while keeping parents in complete control! Best of all, Virtual Piggy is 100% free for families to use: there are never any hidden fees or charges.

If I were you I would head over and check out Virtual Piggy here! It’s FREE and I’m loving it!!


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