Carbona 2 in 1 Oxy Powered Carpet Cleaner

Before Carbona 2 in 1 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

When contacted by Carbona to test their product the 2 in 1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner I was a little hesitant. You see, the problem is I don’t have alot of carpet but what I do have is a white chair and ottoman and also white couch. I also have a 12 year old and an 18 month old that can play havoc on my white furniture and since the 2 in 1 oxy-powered carpet cleaner can also be used on upholstery I figured I would go ahead and try it out.

We are a pretty laid back household. Now don’t get me wrong we are not total and complete slobs but we are kind of laid back when it comes to letting the kids be a little messy. Well with white furniture it can turn into a disaster at times.  When I pulled out the Carbona Cleaner I decided to start on my ottoman. It was an absolute mess!! Not only were there stains all over it but my 18 month old had gotten a hold of a red pen and I tell you another thing, you would not believe the amount of dirt that accumulates just from our bare feet! Well to make a long story short the whole thing needed cleaned. So I followed the directions and shook it real good and tested it for color fastness before I really got down to business.

After Carbona 2 in 1 Oxy powered Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner!!

It was so simple to use and it worked!! I mean it really worked! You can see for yourself in the before and after photos but I was very pleased with the product and will keep it on hand for the next mishap in our ever busy household. Head on over and check out Carbona here or you can follow them on facebook and twitter.


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  1. Awesome product review for carpet and rug cleaning, it’s always best to maintain its cleanliness.