Chicago: Beat the Heat and Cool off in the Crown Fountain!

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This heat is something isn’t it?? Well head on down to the Crown fountain and get your feet wet! ¬†The best part is it’s FREE!! The fountain was financed with private donations including a 10 million dollar gift from the Crown Family (hence the name!). Did you know that the faces appearing on the 2 glass towers are fellow Chicagoans like yourself?? When being photographed they were asked to pretend they were blowing out a candle. I just love it when the water looks like it is shooting out their mouths! It’s great to know the story behind it. I’m sure the fountain is a busy place right now but alot of kids are having loads of FREE Fun! Make sure you load them up on¬†sunscreen though! I would hate to hear of anyone getting a burn! Leave me a comment and let me know what you do in the great city of Chicago, Illinois to stay cool in the summer heat.


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  1. Margaret Walker says

    Foster or Montrose Beach – we take the kids every chance we get