Clearasil Perfecta Wash 3 Month System! 3 Winners!!

This is a giveaway for a Clearasil Perfecta-Wash 3 month supply system! These are so great, you don’t have to guess how much cleanser to use it is automatic so no more germy soap tops and they are super easy to use! I love mine! It comes with 2 dispensers both with different scents. I am using the minty one now, there is also a pink one which I think is pomegranateΒ  scented.

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Some other great Clearasil products are Clearasil U-BB-1686 Daily Face Wash by Clearasil for Unisex – 6.5 oz Face Wash


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  1. Tammy Frederick-Leckbee says

    I am new to your site so don’t really have a favorite yet.

  2. Jessica Zielinski says

    I too am new and havent won anything yet! But anything would be good! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Alicia S. says

    The clearasil Perfecta wash, because I’m a new fan!!

  4. Sara Logan says

    This one is my favorite! Lol

  5. jose gueits says


  6. New and have not won anything… so im going to go with this prize.

  7. megan cromes says

    i love this giveaway….can u use it evenif u have sensitive skin..?i hope so..hope i win..;)ty;)

  8. Amanda Macias Hernandez says

    Well, i would say this one, because, if we win my son who is entering high school, would be
    so happy!!! LOL πŸ™‚

  9. Staci S. says

    This one…def!

  10. I just started finding and getting into everything, so i’m much like everyone else- don’t have a favorite yet! πŸ™‚

  11. Alicia Ransom says

    They are all favorites.

  12. maria elena says

    this giveaway is actually something i have wanted.
    i am new to your blog, though!

  13. Denise Vandenbusch Bohman says

    I too am fairly new to your site so it would have to be the Perfecta wash system.

  14. Maggie F. says

    What has been your favorite giveaway prize?
    Not sure if you mean on your site or in general, I love the diamond candle giveaways,and on here this is one of the cooler ones!

  15. $10 Paypal

  16. diamond candles but this would be a great prize to win as well

  17. ASHLEY DICKEY says

    all of them

  18. stacey boswell says

    Thank you for your great give-aways, they are amazing. This one is definately a favorite since I have a preteen that thinks he will melt if he uses soap on his face. lol

  19. I am gonna have to say that this giveaway “Clearasil Perfecta Wash Starter System” is my favorite. I havnt entered any giveaways in a long time so yea I kinda forgot :p

  20. Debra Getsinger says

    from gift cards to kcups Coffee!!

  21. I don’t know πŸ™ I’m new

  22. coupon catcher says

    Hard to say because they all have been awesome

  23. Stephanie Gouldman says

    I can’t just choose one. I love them all!

  24. this one is my favorite

  25. Im new don’t know!

  26. im pretty new so ill say this one!

  27. Tanya Rhea Williams says

    Would love to win anything !! lol

  28. Heather Stokes says

    I won an iHome alarm clock one time…I love it! πŸ™‚

  29. Sara Wicks says

    i just recently won a $140 swim suit!

  30. Debra Gaswint says

    Well, since I am new to this site I guess it would be the Clearasil Perfecta Wash system!

  31. My favorite was the Dooney & Bourke Disney Handbag

  32. Georgina Meis says

    I’m going to say this one… I have 3 teenaged daughters!

  33. Eva Biggs says

    So hard to pick a fav….cloth diaper bc i needed it. My newest prize is an ornament i get to personalize with my boys pic.

  34. Love gidt cards IPads, diamond candles

  35. I am relatively new to your blog, but I love the gift cards and the baby gear stuff.

  36. PayPal cash!!! But this would be pretty cool to win!! πŸ™‚

  37. New to your blog.

  38. joanna hacker says

    i won a susan nichole a while back!!!

  39. Rhea Frawley says

    I think the diamond candles πŸ™‚ <3

  40. Nikki Lynn Hanna says

    I won a pair of Dawgs winter boots one time..awesome shoes!!

  41. Jennifer Boehme says

    I would say dog food or treat basket, helps financially. My dog now watches my get the mail, she thinks it’s for her all the time, she loves the samples sent.

  42. I’m new to your site as well but def a new fan of the Clearasil Perfecta! This looks awesome!

  43. Elaine Bell says

    Don’t think it was on your site, but I won a trampoline for my granddaughters right before Christmas, so that’s my favorite!

  44. Robin Fortier says

    I won and avon pamper kit a couple years ago that was so nice for a me gift πŸ™‚

  45. gerri dumas domicolo says

    I like Diamond Candle Giveaways,but I LOVE this one πŸ™‚

  46. jodi lasher says

    keurig for sure

  47. Betsy Barnes says

    My favorite giveaway prize so far is the Soda Stream πŸ™‚

  48. I love all the prize’s

  49. jose gueits says

    great giveaway thank you for the opportunity

  50. jessica hager says

    I’m new so I haven’t done any other giveaways! But I’m sure I’ll like all that you offer.

  51. julie cutshaw says

    never won anything yet but always trying πŸ™‚ and I thought the Join Food On The Table and be entered for a $250 Visa Gift Card!! you posted was pretty awesome, thanks for all your hard work & what you offer us readers

  52. Bran fonteno says

    Kindle fire. Ive been wanting one still…

  53. Jennifer Mitchell says

    I am new and cannot comment on a favorite giveaway yet, but am excited to see what is in the future!

  54. racheal arra says

    this one!

  55. Candie L says

    I agree with someone elses answer. Are you talking about on here or over all. Thank you

  56. alena svetelska says

    The clearasil Perfecta wash, because I’m a new fan

  57. Melissa Valencia says

    This one is one of my favs for sure!

  58. ashley seeley says

    i dont have a favorite because each item has its pluses but i would SOOOO love to win this my sisters need this they havnt been able to find anything to really work

  59. Michelle F says

    This one is my favorite! πŸ™‚

  60. Lori Coleman says

    im new to your blog so this would be my 1st and fave.

  61. Alana Vester says

    This one is my favorite!

  62. april dawn humphrey says

    the keurig giveaway

  63. Diana Stanhope says

    Kindle fire, I am still trying to win one of those. πŸ™‚

  64. Margaret Walker says

    Trying hard to win the WII for my 4 year old

  65. Jessica Mcgregor says

    I believe it was a Pet Cakes giveaway you did that I won for my son , So that would have to be my fav πŸ™‚

  66. Gracie H says

    the only thing i have won was a hand-painted wine glass, which is very nice; i even got to pick my own design!

  67. tammy dodson says

    This one is great

  68. Shanna s says

    Not sure…this one maybe lol. fairly new to your page.

  69. Sharon Kelly says

    I love the Diamond candles, Keuring, or anything that is free! I just need to win something! LOL

  70. Shaunda E. says

    This one.

  71. Haley Hollan Hernandez says

    This one, I have 4 kids and 3 are 10-15 so anything that helps with zits is awesome in my boojk

  72. TRACY SIMMS says

    this one and cash is good! thanks,