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I need everyone’s help!! We are moving!! Not my website, but my actual household!! Yeehaw!! We are in the process of closing on a house and I need help on packing. It’s been a while since we have moved and we have 4 people in our family now and I’m a little scared of the moving process!! I am having a flash giveaway and all you need to do is give me your best moving advice. It can be anything from what to pack first, where to look for free boxes, or how to pack everything. So enter the Rafflecopter below and good luck all!! 🙂

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  1. Have a moving sale first.

  2. alena svetelska says

    stay organized

  3. I went to my local grocery store and they gave me a TON of free boxes when we last moved. They were really sturdy and even had handles punched out too. I highly recommend checking with your local stores! Good luck with your move! 🙂

  4. Pack one box with a few basic cooking utensils, enough bowls, cups glasses and silverware and 2 sets of clothes for the whole family wrapped around it, top it off with a roll of t.p. and some toothpaste and new toothbrushes, a bar of bath soap and a few towels. Make sure that one is marked well and stays in your car with you. If anything goes way off the rails, at least you can have supper and clean clothes, and brush your teeth while you sort out the rest

  5. robyn isaacs says

    wrap everything up in bubble wrap

  6. Kellie Paris says

    Now is a good time to throw away/donate as you go through your house. Do it as you pack and there will be less to move.

  7. Pay the movers to do it all!!! Ha! I LOVED our last move. My husband works for a large big box company and the paid for our move. The movers showed up, boxed up everything, loaded the truck, and then unloaded it when we got here! It was amazing!

  8. Anne Christiane R. Ronidel says

    The best way to move is to plan ahead 🙂
    Make sure everything is set so you will not get hassled on the day of the move.
    Better yet get a Moving Planner

  9. Tammy Isom says

    I’ve moved quite a bit in my time. Best thing to do is leave the kitchen and bathrooms on the bottom of the list. Work on everything beyond that, and make sure to label everything. The other thing I can offer is as you go through and start packing only keep what you believe you will use, and with what you won’t use look into donating at your local thrift store. Remember less is always more 🙂 Good luck with the move.

  10. Great day!

  11. karen russell says

    $10 paypal cashgoesa long way!

  12. ashley seeley says

    dont pack to much into 1 box, tape up the bottom on the outside so its stronger and your stuff doesnt fall out, for items you dont want scratched but to big to put in a box wrapping it with plastic wrap and a blow dryer goes along way, make sure there is someone strong to help with the big items never do it alone!

  13. Anmol agarwal says

    it is better to plan ahead before moving firstly.

  14. Anmol agarwal says

    it is better to plan ahead before moving firstly.

  15. Anmol agarwal says

    it is better to plan ahead before moving firstly right now.

  16. katie herrin says

    .Keep things organized and label the boxes as you go. Label what it is and what room it goes in

  17. I go to local grocery stores for boxes ask all my friends and family to safe boxes and papers for me.As I packed I did one room at a time my favourite part of moving is going thro things and getting rid of the junk as I go along.I wish you the best.Don’t make it stressful make it enjoyable crank your tunes and dance away as you r doing it pasts the time faster lol and keeps the mind busy on singing and the music instead of “oh my gosh look what all I have still” LOL


    have a yard sale, to get rid of any unwanted items and hey make extra moolah for your family

  19. michelle stolzenburg says

    Keep essentials in a tub/tote. So they don’t get mixed up or lost in the mess. Like important documents, basic toliettries…a survival kit of sorts. And keep the tube with you in your vehicle.

  20. Nichole Miller Shamblin says

    I always take a small box/suit case for each room and put stuff we will be needing until totally moved in it. Then I set it aside. Everything else then gets packed. For boxes I always check the local dollar stores they have all sizes from large to small boxes. If you ask nice they will usually break them down and save them for a few days for you.

  21. Brooke Westmoreland says

    Get rid of anything u don’t need. Label all boxes. Unpack immediately so u don’t get lazy and leave boxes

  22. I f you use a moving company be sure to move anything you value yourself. Moving companies are highly unreliable in keeping your treasures safe.

  23. Andrea Reaves says

    When packing always make sure your boxes are marked with what’s inside, saves a big headache when unpacking everything

  24. i have moved alot, and i always use to label label. lol so i knew what everything was

  25. try your best to organize everything. Label boxes. stay calm. try not to stress out to much everything will be okay lol.

  26. christina serrano says

    keep all the essentials in one box for easy access. free boxes can be found behind stores, i went to home depot and grabbed theirs. good luck!!

  27. Danielle B says

    Clean out any unnecessary stuff. Have a garage sale to rid yourself of those items you have used in forever or donate any clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear anymore. The clothes go to a good cause and the money of the sale can go towards something you may need for the new house!

  28. Oh, I can so relate to this! We just finished moving…6 people, 6 pets! Eeekk! My best advice…have the kids and or dog go visit (sleepovers are even better) at Gram & Gramps, an Aunties, or close friends…so you can concentrate on moving day!

  29. fingers crossed. I ve never moved – but I remember that my mum invited a lot of friends to help here during moving…

  30. rochelle haynes says

    Pack everything carefully do not leave trash behind and get good movers!!


    im glad this blog exist moving can be hard, thank you

  32. Start a couple months ahead of time if possible!!!
    We just moved & had about 2 weeks to do everything. it was AWFUL 🙁

  33. Label the boxes and do one room at a time

  34. Label everything. Pray it doesn’t rain and drink lots of coffee! Good luck!

  35. Christine D. says

    Before you move, make sure you organize all your items before you just jam them in boxes.
    Also,. make sure you have a crap load of tape. And instead of buying boxes, you can go to local grocery store and ask if they have any to spare.
    Lastly, make sure all your important documents (passports, diplomas..etc.) are in the same place. These documents love being lost. XD

  36. When you label boxes, don’t just list the room, list the contents for rooms like the kitchen- it will help prioritize unpacking.

  37. cindy mckean says

    Check Freecycle(for your area) for free packing boxes. I always see them given away on the one for my area. Good Luck and thank you for the giveaway.

  38. Make sure you have friends/family that can come over and help! 🙂
    And then have plenty of pizza and soda to feed everyone! 🙂

  39. Craig’s List has lots of people offering boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. for free.

  40. Caleigh olson says

    Best advice ever … Go to USPS.com and order their packing supplies for fREE! They deliver them for free too 🙂 get as many boxes as you need and also they have bubble wrap bags and labels … I used to order tons of boxes thru them when I was selling on eBay 🙂 good luck with the move!

  41. Leave everything and buy new stuff. ; )

  42. Belinda Buris says

    stay organized, and keep calm 🙂

  43. susan miller says

    mark the boxes, keep rooms seperate.

  44. mark the boxes for the room they will go in

  45. Plan ahead and try to keep things organized! 🙂

  46. You can’t start the day w/out eating a healthy breakfast 1st..

  47. bianca roman says

    i’ve never moved as to i’m still at home, but my best advice would be to label everything!

  48. teresa vincent says

    make sure you label all your boxes and when you move put those boxes in each room to keep boxes from stacking up all over the house.

  49. micheal dale grim says

    lots and lots of boxes,you can never have enough.you may think you have more than you need,that is until you start packing!!!

  50. Have the kids pack the things they think are most important first. If they know where their things are, they won’t be in your way when you’re trying to pack. Make sure to do one room at a time so you don’t get things mixed up. Toss things you don’t know what they are, let them go. If you have to, put on a video for the kids if they don’t want to throw things out and get rid of things they don’t use or need anymore. And lastly, make sure you invest in a label maker to make sure you know where everything is!

  51. Tracy Simms says

    donate stuff you don’t want to move first! thanks, simms3710@yahoo.com

  52. Your local grocery stores and sometimes even the smaller dollar stores are great for boxes if you ask politely ahead of time, and then pick them up on time as well so they don’t just get rid of them. I agree with the other comments about keeping a box or tote with toiletries, towels, and some extra clothes, and moving it in your personal vehicle, I would add a shower curtain to the list too, just in case. Good luck with your move!

  53. We’re moving right now and the best advice is to start packing way ahead of time so you’re not scrambling at the end and doing too much.

  54. Paul T/Pauline T says

    concentrate on one room at a time – create a pile for “donation”, “trash”, and “keeper” and then boxed and labeled what you want to keep – – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  55. Craigslist has a lot of free boxes and moving supplies tho you may have to go to pick up, stores are unpredictiable. if you dont have news paper (your neighbor or family may so ask them first) but shirts and towles are great at wrapping breakables. color mark the rooms on the boxes, ex. red for kitchen, blue for batchroom, 🙂 kids get to pick their own. try not to over load the boxes 🙁 did that once and wasnt pretty. totes from walmart are maybe $4.oo a cpl can hold a good ammout books, toys.

  56. Juanita Espinoza says

    Start throwing things away and selling things you don’t use! If you haven’t used it and it’s been stored for ages it’s time to part ways with it. Have a FB sale, yard sale and take items to Once Upon a Child, Clothes Mentor and Plato’s closet to make a little extra cash. Then donate what is not sold.

    For boxes and moving items try freecycle.org and local stores. I have called Payless because they receive multiple shipment throughout the week. Also, find out what days Burlington and TJ Maxx get there shipments, ask them all to hold them for you for pick-up. I don’t like the grocery store boxes because of bugs and odd shaped boxes. Staples and Office Maxx have the smaller paper boxes with lids on them perfect for toiletries and kitchen essentials. of course, labels all of the boxes so you can find your items quickly.

    Lastly, contact your Alderman’s office so you can block off parking in front of both places you are moving out of and into and hire movers, save your back and energy so that you can organize your house instead!

  57. Juanita Espinoza says

    Oh, and GOOD LUCK!!

  58. Kristy Mattern says

    Go to your local supermarket and ask for “Egg” boxes. They’re nice & sturdy and they are a nice size that makes them easy to move, not too heavy and bulky. Also, I just saw on pinterest to use styrofoam plates in between your dishes instead of messy newspaper! Easy and you won’t have to unpack dirty plates at your new home! Labeling boxes is a MUST to stay organized so a Sharpie is necessary. Pack decorations, books, and any items that aren’t needed on an ever day basis! Good luck and happy packing!

  59. Start early-Pack your items ahead of time so you will not be overwhelmed with packing at the last minute. If you know that you will be moving in a month, start packing stuff everyday!

  60. Holly Thomas says

    I have moved many times, the best advice i have is make lists of everything, that way you can clear your mind and get more done!!

  61. christina souder says

    pack early and keep on it everyday pack a box till its all done.

  62. make sure u label all the boxes so u know in what room to place em.. The 1st time i moved I had a MESS! 🙂 Good Luck

  63. adrienne warren says

    my best moving advice? a match. sort of serious, I hate moving, packing, unpcaking. Rather just leave most of everything behind and start over. so my advice go over what you have and ask, can I buy it new cheaper then the cost of moving it?

  64. Ashley Charlebois says

    First, get some totes and put the essential stuff you’ll need in there and make sure they’re clearly marked essential.. Put like the stuff you’ll need as soon as you move in.

    Next advise is what my mother and I did when we moved… We’d put either a number or a symbol on the box. Take an empty notebook and make a list of everything that is in there. It’s a bit tedious, but for us, it worked…

  65. Label the boxes!!

  66. Sell or donate what you no longer need or want.. it’s silly to pack it and bring it to the new house if it never gets used

  67. Make a list of what goes in each box, and label the boxes with Room & Number (i.e. Living Room 1). When it comes time to unpack, you can unpack the more important boxes first!

    Or, buy colored duct tape. Use it on the boxes with the most important things. 🙂

  68. When you put stuff in boxes, write what’s on the box with a big magic marker – top and sides. Also write the ROOM on the box. As you unload stuff, go ahead and put it in the room where it goes.

  69. Make sure you LABEL things. If not. Everything goes downhill! 😉

  70. Marin Mandrick says

    Get rid of the stuff you don’t want/need before you move!

  71. Michelle Myers says

    Put your stuff in storage bins that you already have. But most likely you will be able to go to your local Walmart or something like that and ask for some boxes because you are moving. They will save you some boxes.

  72. king marsela says

    my boxes have names to the room that it goes to. i think it makes it easy .

  73. My advice to you is Don’t be afraid to ask for help… Even the smallest of your children or family members can help out… We moved a year ago and my 2 year old was my biggest helper! Make packing fun and the time will fly!

  74. Richard Hicks says

    use lots of packing materialto avoid breakage

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  75. For boxes try Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, SAMs Club….

  76. Keep a cooler of bottled water and some snacks on you for the day!

  77. Dafne Brooks says

    Be sure to pack each room one at a time, mark boxes to help with unpacking.
    AND pack essentials last….like bathroom, hygiene, clothing, and kitchen staples.
    Good luck.

  78. Write on the box what’s in it and where the stuff was. This will make it easier to find stuff later on. Also watch the movers. They may not pack stuff the way you want or safely or they may steal.

  79. Grocery store is a good one to get boxes. But also try your Pharmacies, Dollar Stores(any of them). As far as the Grocery stores ask the head of the produce department for boxes first, they are usually the strongest boxes. As you are packing decide if you want to take it with you, have a sale or donate to your local charity. Local Charities always appreciate anything they can get. If you have a outreach center in your area call them see if they would like clothes, furniture ie.. As you pack mark what is in the boxes and/or for what room they go into. This goes so much faster when it is time to unpack you don’t have to search through boxes looking for a item. If it was in the kitchen drawer then it will be in the kitchen drawers box, and so forth. Hope this helps. Grew up Military we always packed our own boxes and lableled them. That way we knew where most things were at. Sometimes we had odds and ends boxes they were usually the last that we opened.

  80. Hire someone to do it for you!

  81. Get a roll of the clear stuff that’s like Saran-wrap on a stick, and use it to wrap everything quickly and safely. It’s great for securing stacks of plates and other things you don’t want rattling around in boxes.

  82. Labeling boxes is a great thing

  83. LABLE EVERYTHING! hahaha and dont pack up ur keys in a box! lol

  84. Plan ahead of time, and make sure you have plenty of help loading the truck and also for cleaning and putting the stuff in the new house.

  85. Camille Dalton-Stark says

    Have a moving sale, call walmart and ask them to hold boxes (you can tell them how many you want and when you will pick up), make sure your organized in packing the boxes, have a box of stuff that you may need just in case you don’t feel like unpacking as soon as you get in the house, get lots of strong men to help, start early! Good luck

  86. jennifer wexler says

    Label your boxes indicating which room it belongs in, makes it so much easier

  87. Robyn Barberi says

    LABEL EVERYTHING!!!! It helps in the packing process, packing the moving truck and most definately UNpacking! Get Sharpies and LABEL!!

  88. Take a load of stuff over that your going to need first
    Bathroom ittems so your not scrambling looking for towels toilet
    Paper etc. You’ll need that stuff while moving in.
    Also have water and drinks snacks at the rrady. Things get
    Crazy when you move. And if you have kids find a sitter. But my
    Best advice hire movers for the big stuff. Best money we ever spent

  89. Ted Kooper says

    Put your breakables in your own car, not in the big truck.

  90. Definitely hire movers – professional ones with insurance! It is worth the cost to avoid the risk of injury or damaging your stuff by doing it yourself or having random people help you.

  91. pack glass plates with a paper plate between each to keep from breaking!

  92. Don’t dilly dally so much that at the end you just start shoving stuff into boxes; it makes unpacking MISERABLE!

  93. Michelle Feliciano says

    Lable all your boxes well.

  94. Rachel Robertson says

    Well, my husband was a mover for years and the best tip I can think of is to go through and consolidate! Do not take anything that you don’t need to your new house 🙂

  95. Christy Maurer says

    Label, label, label! And cry if you need to!

  96. Michele Behlen says

    As you are packing have 3 piles. Pack-Donate-Trash. I made the mistake of packing everything and then having to sort through it in my new home. It took forever to unpack.

  97. If you don’t need it, don’t take it.

  98. Don’t pack or move anything that you haven’t used in more than a year if you can help it. It’s just extra stuff and it tends to just linger in the boxes way too long.

  99. Krystal Ramirez says

    Big Moving Sale!!!

  100. Anita Jones says

    make sure you label all the boxes so you know which room they go to.

  101. Label different boxes in different colors for whatever room they go to!

  102. Nena Sinclair says

    For the last few days prior to the move, I wold pack up my dishes and pots and pans, buys some paper plates, disposable cups, cutlery, etc and buy takeout or use frozen dinners. You’ll be busy enough as it is anyway without worrying about cooking, plus then you don’t have to worry about packing those items last minute.

  103. You should ask for boxes at the ABC store because liquor boxes are alot stronger than regular ones.

  104. angela williams says

    Label all boxes with what it contains and what room it goes in.

  105. Stay organized, make a list and stick to it and make sure everything is neat and clean.

  106. Meg Tucker says

    Yake a polaroid picture of the boxes contents and tape it to the outside of the box!

    • Danielle P says

      I liked this suggestion, it’s quicker than labeling. Something I wouldn’t have thought of and a good idea.

  107. Just stay organized

  108. tracy webb says

    plan to eat out

  109. Purge as much junk as you can bear to part with, and start ASAP!

  110. Jennifer Holovack says

    label all your boxes!!! It’s kind of a pain to do while youre packing but it is SO helpful when unpacking.

  111. i use towels in between my dishes…keeps them safe and helps me pack my towels

  112. Take this opportunity to really PURGE. Don’t waste your time packing, your energy hauling, and your time again unpacking on something that you do not love, need or want! 🙂

  113. Label everything! Offer up alcohol as payment/incentive for friends to help!

  114. Danielle P says

    I’m moving soon too– scared, yea I can definitely relate! My best advice is if you’re doing it yourself pack your fragile stuff first or in a different vehicle.

    Last time we moved a box of glasses got knocked out of the truck almost first thing ><

    Good Luck!

  115. Tonia Alston says

    First, go to your neighborhood grocery store. On the days they vet heir shipments in you can get boxes of all sizes. 🙂 Next start in one room at a time, preferably the living room. If everyone is old enough, give tem two boxes each to start with and have them pack there most important things. From there you can figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. My kidz loved it, it made them feel as though they helped wih the organizing. Another tip, keep a notebook and a pen/marker.Afterr each box is packed, mark it in number order. And in the notebook write the box number, who it belongs to and whats in it, just incase you forget.

  116. julie cutshaw says

    spent 20 yrs in the navy moving from state to state and my best moving advice is that when you find out your actual leave out date, 2 months before that date spend one saturday or two and box everything up from each room and leave those boxes in that room clearly marked and over in a corner. Only leave out enough of the basic dishes needed clothes etc for the number of people in the household, pack everything eles away, pictures, nic nacs all of it..You place my seem empty wit no wall pictures or decorations but when moving day comes, you will be ready to just take the boxes out and leave. We did this everytime, only leaving out the basics for each person, a few clothes, dishes, a pot or two, cups etc. And it made live so much easier and less stressful.
    sewitupjulie@ gmail.com

  117. i called my local supermarket and walmart and they saved all the boxes that the eggs come in they are strong and hold lots of stuff. and dont be afraid to get rid of things you dont use….

  118. mary mcmenamy says

    first of all save all your newspaper to wrap our breakables go to grocery store for free boxes

  119. I don’t have any. I have never moved on my life!

  120. Label all your boxes according to rooms they go in.

  121. FB Name is Amy Orvin

  122. Julie Keyworth says

    Best moving advice….let’s see….. Well, I would say to pack one room at a time….leaving the items that you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE last. Make sure you label every box with what’s inside and in BIG letters where the box goes (living room, kitchen, etc.). Another IMPORTANT thing would be that as people bring in boxes (to the new house), have them stack them in a corner of the room that they’re labeled with. It really helps to stay organized this way. Certainly saves a lot of time in the long run!!! 😉

  123. melissa C. says

    My best moving advice is to pack what you really need and toss the junk 🙂

  124. I moved and had ONE rule.”ONLY take things I really like! I then had fun redecorating !It’s great having things around me that make me happy and comfy!

  125. Lee Ann CAmeron says

    Be honest with yourself. If you dont love it, need it or have some sentimental attachment to it get rid of it. I moved a year ago, am currently cleaning out the 2 car garage, we filled it up with things that were in storage from other place. Guess what…a lot of it I can live without. Next move I know what I am going to make sure I take…lol my large swing, a few family things…but the other stuff can be replaced. I do have a few pieces of family furniture…that has been handed down for years…I have photos, I will keep those hard to replace kitchen things I use all the time…but between yard sales where I moved to and just careful shopping…I will never move boxes of books that I know wont get read again…no toys for the grand kids…they can take them and I will just pick up some more later…make it really easy on yourself.

  126. Karen Rennirt says

    Get rid of the things you haven’t used in forever or that you know you don’t need. Mark all boxes with where they need to go in the house. Wrap breakables. And don’t try to put everything away in a day, put the things you have to have right away in place then take your time so you’re not moving them again and again.

  127. label all boxes and stay organized

  128. Lisa Welch says

    Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. You have more stuff than you realize!

  129. Start packing early. Don’t pack anything that you don’t want to keep- have a sale, donate it to goodwill, it’ll save a ton of space and help on staying organized as well! Obviously, mark the boxes for which room, and I usually try to do one room at a time, rather than bouncing between them trying to get it all. Figure out what you have to keep and ditch the rest. Good luck!

  130. ashley smith says

    Donate everything you don’t want to a thrift store or to a family that may need it!

  131. Penny Kitzmiller says

    The best advice I can give you is for you to hire movers…I hate to move and know how hard it is!!! lol

  132. Nicole Stewart says

    1) Don’t over load your boxes! It is compelling to fill up that box to the top, but if you can’t lift it what good does it do? 2) Label every box! (Mark what it is and what room to put it in. 3) Ask friends and family to save and give you their papers after they are done with them so you can use it to wrap fragile things.4) When you load your moving truck remember to put the big stuff closest to the door so that you pull that stuff out first and when you are done you can put you your things away more easy. (I did that and that way I had chairs to sit on while stuffing drawers. Oh and put that dolly on the end so you don’t have to dig for it. )

  133. vicki carter says

    Don’t let anyone else put away your canned goods.I a;ways help friends and family with their kitchen.For a bit of fun,I like to tear all the labels off the canned goods.One of my girlfriends got so good at shaking a can,she could tell what was inside..It’s always a surprise when the open their cabinets.

  134. Amy Settlemyer says

    Get rid of things not needed or used or that you could easily replace. Label not just the room that the box goes in, but the bigger items that are in the box so that they can be found easier later on.

  135. Jennie Hawkins says

    I havemoved several times with my family. The best advoce I can give When Labeling your bosex for each room MAKE SURE you wrote ot on the side of the box too not just the top.!!!!! I have done that and not done it. Much easier if you do.

  136. Miranda Randle says

    Keep ur ducks in a row! And move room by room with the boxes at least. This way you wont end up with kitchen stuff in the bed room! Lol. Also make sure.you mark the boxes on more then one side!

  137. Pack and label boxes by room so when arriving at the new location the movers know which room to put the boxes in.

  138. Cheryl Rosado says

    What I’ve learned is don’t take anything you don’t need! I’ve already moved a few things several times and ended up getting rid of them because I never actually needed or wanted them in the first place! What a waste of space and money! Also make sure to label each box as soon you pack them, if you wait, you might forget and you don’t want 100 boxes piled in one room and have to open each one to find out what’s in them and move them around again! Good luck!

  139. belinda giordano says

    Key is labeling boxes. Pack everything a week b4 and keep out clothes. Eat off paper plates and plastic utensils. Only keep basics out for ready use. Ive moved alot over the yrs and have helped many! Ive even gotten condiments from gas stations and fast food places to stock up for the moving week.

  140. Paige Kelley says

    Definitely to pack one room at a time and always mark your boxes. Take your time if possible so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Keeping your stress level down as low as possible is very important.

  141. Throw things away or give things that you just don’t need. Trash bags work fine for clothes and stuff animals.