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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening 
Flash Giveaway 

You can enter to win your own Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit today!
My mom always taught me that I white smile means alot!! It’s the weirdest thing that you can eat food that is good for you and it can still stain your teeth! I have always taken real good care of my teeth but I fight the white part. Must be my age! LOL 😉

If you haven’t read The Mom Show’s review of the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit, you can read it!


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What Others Have Said:

  1. Deborah Todaro says

    I would like a brighter smile.

  2. Jonathan A says

    Nope, They need to be brighter!

  3. Kim Bailey Finnegan says

    Would love to win this

  4. Fingers crossed!

  5. No!

  6. Kacee Nunez says

    No way lol

  7. I would love a brighter smile!

  8. Paula Gillespie says

    No I do not think so that is why I am applying for this.

  9. Meg Tucker says

    No I do not think my smile is briight enough and I’m hoping this will help! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!!

  10. Donna A :) says

    My teeth are not white enough!~! I drink a lot of tea and coffee and I brush daily but nothing gets them white enough to win would be so awesome thank you for the chnace.

  11. Not really, I would like it whiter! 🙂

  12. not at all!!!

  13. Not at all! Could not afford dental insurance for a few years….I need all the help I can get!

  14. javeta acker says

    no my smile definitely needs some whitening,i drink coffee daily!

  15. ashley agner says


  16. BArbara LaGrandier says

    My smile could always be brighter.

  17. soo would love this

  18. Crystal Kelley says

    no i dont , i wish my smile was whiter

  19. Jennifer Key says

    NO I need this!!! Sure hope I win.. :()

  20. dani robinson says

    I would love to have a brighter smile..

  21. April D. Marcum-Sargent says

    No, I would like a brighter smile.

  22. I wish my teeth would look whiter

  23. Natalia R. says

    Nope I wish they were white as paper!

  24. No, my teeth get stained from coffee, too.

  25. Giveaway Gal says

    No, my smile can I always be whiter.

  26. amanda lilly says

    never bright enough!!!!!!!!!

  27. always be brighter

  28. far from it 🙁 my mom was a single mom working 3 jobs so i NEVER saw a dentist until i was 19. i try now but the damage is done 🙁 it being whiter would definitely help out a bit lo l

  29. Christina Domingue says

    nope. my teeth need all the help they can get

  30. absolutely not

  31. Deborah Jansen says

    I would like a whiter smile

  32. Coffee drinker here!!! I can always use a whitening 🙂

  33. Holly Mitkowski says


  34. Allison Marie says

    My smile is definitely not bright enough!

  35. Jamie Frey says

    NO, i’m a smoker and soft drink drinker, can always use whitening products 🙂

  36. Would love to whiten my teeth,

  37. kelly mills says

    No way!

  38. Jessilyn Lucas says

    not at all!

  39. Brooke Upchurch says

    I would be so thrilled to win this! My teeth aren’t as white as they used to be and it makes me so self conscious!!! I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. NO WAY!

  41. kemberley crosswhite says


  42. No I want them back to being whiter especially for my wedding

  43. Peggy Reid says

    No, I definitely drink too much coffee!!!

  44. My smile def. could be brighter!

  45. Hope Holland says

    Nope, They need to be brighter!

  46. Nope

  47. noo way! Used to have the whitest teeth! no anymore! 🙁

  48. brandy floyd says

    No my smile could be much brighter!!

  49. Allyson Hunter says

    No my smile could be a lot whiter. 🙂