****Free Lunch Friday Giveaway!! Winner receives a $20 gift Card from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell, or Burger King!!

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Here’s your chance to win a Free Lunch hosted by the blog Miss Jackie’s Views! The lucky winner gets to choose a $20. gift card from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, SubWay, Taco Bell,  or Burger King. Entry is super easy in the Rafflecopter form below, this giveaway is open from 11: 00 am until 2:00 pm EST to enter and Good Luck!

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What Others Have Said:

  1. Jennifer Boehme says

    Subway or taco bell.

  2. Taco Bell, or Wendys please!

  3. jessica baucom says


  4. Andrea Reaves says

    Burger King or Wendy’s

  5. christina serrano says

    out of those listed, burger king! ty!

  6. bianca roman says

    out of the ones listed, i love the meatball marinara from subway. but my all time favorite has to be olive garden!

  7. Subway

  8. sara m ford says

    taco bell my kids love!!

  9. From the ones listed above, it would be Subway. Other than that, my favorite restaurant is Las Palmas.

  10. vicki carter says

    I love Chili’s

  11. Holly Thomas says

    Subway!! 🙂

  12. My birthday is coming up and my favorite restaurant is Taco Bell!

  13. Patti Williams says

    If its a quick service restaurant, I like Subway the best.

  14. All of those are favorites but I usually eat at Subway as it has healthier, tastier choices!

  15. Subway!

  16. Maggie Freda says

    Wendy’s or Taco Bell would be great, my daughter and I love going out together for lunch.

  17. Meg Tucker says

    My fave. is Taco Bell but I am craving Wendy’s right now!! 🙂

  18. Subway for lunch

  19. Burger King!

  20. Shannon McBeth says

    Of the ones listed, wendy’s is my favorite.

  21. Sharissa Cox says

    I would like subway or Mcdonalds

  22. Like them all but Subway is my favorite

  23. jose gueits says


  24. Taco Bell

  25. Taco Bell sounds really good!

  26. tawnya mccormack says

    surprise me if i win but if i have to pick id say subway cause i would give it to my little sister who is prego and always wants subaway<3

  27. Alicia Ransom says

    From the list it would be Subway..

  28. Dafne Brooks says

    I say Subway….my kids say Burger King, so I will have to go with BURGER KING!

  29. Out of those listed I dont have a favorite, just depends on my mood. I can demolish some tacos anytime though!

  30. tammy dodson says

    I like wendy’s

  31. McDonald’s!