GIVEAWAY!! Win a StickNStonz T-shirt and Glow In The Dark Wristband! Come Enter and Help Support Anti-Bullying!!

SticksNStonz is a Clothing line
that is dedicated to Anti-Bullying.
This company came to be when a friend of mine had
a bullying issue with her son.
They came up with
To not only make a change but to
Be The Difference!
The maker of SticksNStonz
Oh My Goodies Freebies
are joining forces and asking YOU
to help
Be the Difference
 that we need in this world!
SticksNStonz has donated a
t-shirt and a glow int eh dark band
for 1 lucky person!
We will be running a giveaway that will last 5 days!
Lets get the word out !
Enter HERE!

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What Others Have Said:

  1. This is a great giveaway and cause!!!

  2. Constance Zimmer says

    those that bully are the REAL cowards!!!! I love that there are organizations that promote bullying awareness!

  3. i think bullying is a real problem that needs real attention! it always seems liek the ones doing the bullying skirt by without being addressed, and that needs to stop.

    this contest is fantastic.

  4. No place for bullying in school or anywhere .

  5. Stephanie Hungerford says

    Since I was bullied in junior high school I do not like bullying but it gets worse when the bully’s parents think that what their son or daughter is doing is okay. My mom confronted one of the parents of a child that was bullying me and they were like we told our daughter to beat up anyone she didn’t like for any reason and if your child is being bullied by my child it is her fault. It is parents like this that should be arrested if their child is a bully because it is obvious that they promoted and encouraged their child to be a bully. I am not saying all parents of bully’s should be arrested but there are parents that like having a child that is a bully and those parents are the ones that should be arrested.