Great Way to Have your Kids in Charge of their own spending money on Vacation

card There is one thing that has always bugged me about vacation and it’s the big “Can I have this mom……Can I have that mom?” coming out of my kids mouth. Well I have found a solution to the problem! My oldest is 13 and well old enough to start understanding the value of a buck. I just needed to find a way to help her to learn that value and conventional methods do not seem to be working and cash is a little scary carrying around when on vacation. She’s not real good at keeping track of where her money is so when I saw the visa card I thought “Hey, why not give it a try?” I found the perfect card for her to use for our trip to Chicago from this fall with a beautiful picture of the Chicago skyline on it. The way I figure it is she will be able to learn a few things with this card including hanging onto the card without losing it, learning how to use the machine at the checkout, and also understanding how much she has left and when it is empty. That is the one thing I’m worried about but I am just going to have to stick to my guns on that one. When it’s out it’s going to be out until she comes back home and earns more for me to reload onto it. Well anyway the trip is coming up and I will have to let you know if this ends up being a learning experience or not for my wonderful teenager! We are planning on putting the spending money on her card and hoping that she learns how to make it last. I will have to give you an update when we get back. LOL Just in case you are interested in giving it a try here is some info below about the card.

– The product we offer is not a gift card, so you can’t give or receive the card as a gift. It is assigned to your social security number and is actually an alternative to banking (aka branchless-banking). Not to be confused with VISA prepaid gift cards.

– Our fees are EXTREMELY competitive with other prepaid debit cards/alternative bank cards.  At $5.95/month and FREE activation, FREE reloading and FREE access to over 22,000 ATMs, our card beats out other top named prepaid cards fee-wise.

– We offer quick and easy direct deposit and Bill Pay (that’s FREE too).

– No overdraft fees — never goes negative!

– Use it like a normal debit card, anywhere visa is accepted.

– Easy application process — 100% Approved/No credit check.

– Quick turn around. Order you card, you get it days later.

– Includes Visa Zero Liability Protection and 100% FDIC insurance.

– Over 500 cool, unique card designs to choose from, including brands like: Garfield, Popeye, Betty Paige, James Dean, Care Bears, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Research, Shark Week, etc.


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