Great ways to keep your TODDLER entertained while shopping!


Great ways to keep your TODDLER entertained while shopping!

Get Organized

Be organized before you walk into the store. You’re going to be in and out a heck of a lot faster if you have an organized list. Ideally, before each visit, categorize your list by aisle or department. That way, you don’t have to race back to the produce section to grab some onions after you’ve already moved on the freezer department.

Let Your Kid Help

So do something with you that lets them help. Like letting your child have his own shopping list. One of the easiest ways to do this is to carry a marker or a crayon in your bag, and hand your child a copy of the weekly sales circular when you walk in the front door of the store. When you buy something that’s in the circular, let your child circle it or cross it off in the circular. This also helps keep your child’s attention focused on something manageable, like the list in his lap,

Bring a Snack

Even if your child’s just had lunch, pack a just-in-case bag.. Like Cheerios in a baggie. And never plan to buy the snack at the store. Once you do that, your kid will expect an item every time you go.

Get Your Game On

Play a game while you shop like I spy.  Another game that’s great for speed is Beat the Clock, ideally played only once or twice during a visit, Let your child sing Happy Birthday or Frere Jacques, something he knows by himself, and then see if you can get down this aisle before he’s done. Just do this if you’re only looking for one item on that aisle!

Give Positive Reinforcement

When your child does well in the store, offer lots of praise!




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