How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

HowToLowerYourElectricityBillEvery year it seems the electric bills increase. We have to cut back on other things to fit the higher bill into our budget. Reducing the amount of electricity can help to decrease your bill. There are simple steps you can take to cut down usage without going without power. Read below for some great tips on how to lower your electricity bill.

How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs

For years and years we have used incandescent light bulbs, but there are no more energy-efficient options available. It is cheaper to buy the traditional light bulbs, but overall, they cost a lot more; they use more energy and their life span is not as long.

LED light bulbs are the most cost effective in the long run. Although they cost more to buy at the store, they use less electricity and have a much longer lifespan. They last 50 times longer than a typical incandescent and 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Cleaning and replacing filter and ducts keeps your air conditioning and heating units running in tip top shape. By neglecting the units, you allow dust and dirt to hinder their performance. Each year your units should be inspected and cleaned by a professional.

At least once a month you should vacuum the coils at the bottom of your refrigerator. Dust and dirt can collect, causing the compressor to have to work twice as hard. At least once a season the back of the refrigerator should be vacuumed.

Block Drafts

As you walk around your house, check for drafts. You may need to seal around windows and doors with caulking or weather stripping. Keep your eyes open for cracks that could also cause hot/cool hair to leak. Sealing these small openings can make a big difference in your bill.

Close your blinds and curtains to keep the heat/cold out of the room. If you have a window that faces the sun, add some window tinting to help cut down the heat that will come in.

Unplug Items You Aren’t Using

If you hardly use an appliance, unplug it. Even if it isn’t in use, it is still using a small amount of electricity while plugged in. Unplug toasters, can openers, chargers, etc. when they are not in use. If you’d rather not unplug them each time, you can purchase a power strip specially designed to cut off power to those or utilizing a traditional power strip will allow you to unplug all at one time.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If you are able to, upgrade all your appliances to Energy Star models. The older your appliances are, the most likely they are to be electricity hogs.

Even if you aren’t able to purchase all new appliances, you can still do things to help cut down on the cost to run them.

  • Dishwasher – Only wash the dishes when it is fully loaded. This will also save on your water bill. Turning the heat dry off will also help reduce costs of running.
  • Washing Machine – Make sure you only wash full loads. Use the cold water setting to significantly cut down on the costs of electricity usage.
  • Dryer – Cut down on costs by line drying your clothing when possible. If this isn’t possible, use the smart dry times, which will shut off when your clothing dries instead of over-drying the load.
  • Water Heater – Set your water heater between 130 – 140 degrees
  • Refrigerator/Freezer – Keeping your fridge and freezer stocked will help to cut down on the costs to keep temperatures steady. Food helps to insulate.

Get an Energy Audit From Your Utility Company

Many utility companies will offer energy audits to help find ways to cut costs at your home. Even if they do charge a little to come out, they may be able to find ways to save you a lot for the year.

Please leave any tips you have on how to lower your electricity bill! I am always looking for ways to save. 🙂



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