Join FedEx Delivery Manager Free — Get Advanced Notice of Package Deliveries

Not only is it convenient, I can find some incredible deals.  As a result, that means I might have different packages coming my way and while I can track them, I don’t have the time to have to log in to see when it will arrive.  FedEx has just released a new service to help simplify this for you — called FedEx Manager.

It is so simple to sign up – you just create an account and then answer a few questions.  What I really appreciated what that I could select the types of notifications I wanted to receive be that text or even email.  I also liked that I could customize the notifications.  I could find out anytime I had a package coming or select to be notified the day before it arrived or even get an email once the package has been dropped off at my front step.  For me, I like to know the day before they will arrive.  That way, if I won’t be at home, I will know ahead of time and can ask my neighbor to watch for my delivery.  Or, I can even change the delivery plans to another date or time when I will be home (I hate those sticky notes on my door telling me I missed a package).  I love how they explain this “Deliveries on your schedule.  Change our plans, Not Yours.”

With Christmas coming up soon, you too might be placing more online orders.  Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager so you don’t have to worry about those package deliveries. Remember – it is FREE to join!!  Just click the banner at the top of this post and follow the steps to get signed up!


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