My CraZy LifE: Alicia Janel, My Future Dress Designer!

So I figured it’s about time I gave you an update on the girls! Alicia (right) is 12 now! She will be starting 7th grade soon. Now I’m sorta thinking that she is my future dress designer. If you look at Charlee Ann’s (left) little outfit and you look real hard you will see that Alicia made her this adorable little outfit out of the sleeves from her dad’s old t-shirt. I came home from the grocery store, pulled up and busted out laughing! It was the cutest outfit I had ever seen. 🙂 Here let me show you the back………………

So as you can see on the back skirt area Alicia has written “Daddy’s Little Girl and the skirt is longer on one side than the other which just makes it precious!! The top is a little half shirt with a wide neck so she can where the shoulder  or hanging off!! Like I said, when Tom was cutting the arms out of his old t-shirt (so he could get rid of his farmers tan), Alicia snapped right up on that extra fabric. Now I do have to say that the front is equally as cute when she is running across the yard. Now the skirt is a little short and  if she wore the shirt when she was 16 she would be in big trouble! But I think it is absolutely adorable on my precious Charlee Ann!! Far be it from me to squash Alicia’s creativity! I think she did a fabulous job! Two thumbs up from mamma to you Alicia! You make me proud! 🙂




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