My Crazy Life: Let’s have Dinner Together!

Sometimes this day and age it is so hard to sit down and actually talk to each other at dinner. The phone is ringing, the T.V. is playing, and someone is getting a text!! They do say that it helps children with their social skills to actually sit down and eat a quiet meal with their family. So how do we accomplish that?? Well put together a great list and I thought I would share some of the tips with you today!


  • Create a routine-It’s really hard to sit down and eat a dinner together when it’s something you never do. So start trying to eat at the same time and place every night. Unwind a little if possible. Let your kids help you cook, set the table, take a couple breaths!
  • Dim the lights and light the candles– How relaxing is candle-light? Everyone loves a candle! It kind of helps set the mood and just let the days worries melt away, even if it’s just a little bit. You can pick the worries back up and put them back on your shoulders after supper!
  • Be realistic-A small child will not sit for long. Start small with the time with them. Even 5 minutes is an ok place to start with a small child.
  • Turn the TV off– This is something that is never done at our house. (I am not proud to tell you!)  When you do shut the TV off then all of a sudden everyone has something to say! It makes for great bonding time!
  • Be a good role model– If your child sees you jump to answer your phone, send a text, or hop on the computer to check your facebook then they are going to follow in your footsteps.
  • Try eating family style– There is something nice about having everything on the table and passing it around serving it. It also teaches younger children how to serve themselves giving them independence and manners. It also just makes them feel big so they will be less likely to misbehave!
  • Pick where you will eat– Sometimes change is good! (Don’t tell my family I said that!! I run from change! LOL) Sometimes a picnic outside, or sitting around the coffee table. Sometimes it should just be about being a family and doing it together. 🙂



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