mY CraZy LifE: Sister’s Saving Cents is Changing!!!

I am here to tell you that my crazy blogging life is just that!!! CRAZY! When I first started couponing I called my little sister up and away we went on a coupon frenzy!! Penny, my little sister is in nursing school and does not have time to do any blogging at all!! She is in nursing school, she has time for ……….. school!!! LOL She is learning how to take care of you!! I don’t think you want her distracted do you???


So I am here to tell you that the person who has been blogging all this time has primarily been little ole me! 🙂 Cheesy face!!! I know you guys love me! hehe So there are just a few things that are going to be changing.

1) the way the blog looks will change (this is a work in progress so bare with me!)

2) You will be hearing more about my kids! Because now this website will be about me teaching them how to be frugal and save money!

2) I am also adding a new segment to the blog and it is going to be about CHICAGO, Illinois!!!  We went to Chicago last summer and loved it!!! I am going to be learning the frugal most family oriented things to do in and around Chicago so that I can do the research and you guys can save the money and have the fun!!


Please I am looking for reader input here!!! How many of you are from Chicago?

How many of you ever visited Chicago?

How many of you want to here of Cheap or FREE things to do in Chicago?

How many are interested in learning how I save money living day to day life and use my skills to get us to Chicago???

So basically Sister’s Saving Cents will be for the most part the same but with added benefits and some new interesting stuff!!!


Thanks for joining me in my Crazy LIFE!!!

Bekki and my two “girls” Alicia 12 yrs. and Charlee Ann 8 months!!  Oh and Let’s not forget my better half  Tom!

Join me on this journey of teaching these 2 Sisters how to save their cents!!


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  1. The part of Chicago is a great idea. I am from Illinois and move to FL in 93. I am going back for my 20 yr class reunion and will be flying into Chicago. I would love to have some cheap fun ideas to do while I am back home. I am sure a lot has changed in almost 20yrs.