Patio Guys: Are you in the Southern California area? Don’t buy patio furniture! Just get it repaired!

Here is a great idea! Instead of throwing out your old patio furniture and just adding more junk to the trash pile call Patio Guys highly trained team and get it refinished. Patio Guys has been operating in Southern California since 1978. If you are in the Southern California area  and you are looking for outdoor furniture repair head over and  check them out.  They are now the largest outdoor furniture re finishers in the Southwest. They specialize in true powder coat paint refinishing and back their work with a 5 year warranty.

Why go out and by new furniture when you can get your old furniture refinished! They have over 30 years of experience and have had over 30,000 customers served since 1978. All work is done by their trained technicians in their factory and they have refinished over 300,000 pieces of furniture. Patio Guys completes all work at their factory including: sandblasting, welding, painting, vinyl strapping and all other work is completed right there by their specially trained technicians.

What do Patio Guys do????

  • They Sandblast off old paint
  • Repair cracks and broken welds
  • Inspect for corrosion
  • Repair broken glides
  • Add New glides
  • Add new straps
  • Repaint with a protective powder coat paint
  • Offer a wide variety of colors

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Now do you think that your furniture is worth re-doing? Well they answered that on their website for me and said if it is Brown Jordan, Tripitone, Mallin, Woodard or any other major brand then yes you do! Also if it has stood the test of time, which means if it has lasted 5 years or more, than definitely. Patio furniture restoration can end up saving you anywhere from 30-70% of replacement cost! Thats a real bonus right there. Who doesn’t want to save some money?

Not only is refinishing your outdoor furniture a money saver, but you also get the satisfaction that your patio furniture will look like new again. They offer convenient one call, they pick up & deliver service and it is great for the environment. So far they have kept 3,000,000 pounds of patio furniture from the environment. Can you imagine how huge that pile would be if they dumped it in a landfill. They use environmentally friendly “powder coat paint”. They also use recycle materials where ever practical.

They offer to refinish patio furniture and outdoor furniture  repair to 7 Southern California. So if you live in their area be sure and check them out! With their 6 separate quality controlled steps, add on  their 5 year warranty and with a  30-70% discount I would definitely check it out before buying new.

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