Cool Gear Inc: ez-Freeze pure 32 oz re-usable Water Bottle Review and Giveaway

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ez-freeze pure¬ģ 32oz bottle

Let me tell you where I found the perfect re-usable water bottle. How many of you have looked at a trash can at the ball field, at the gas station or maybe at a carnival and have seen it over flowing with plastic water bottles?? Well I have plenty of times and it sickens me to wonder how many trillions of these we have sitting in land fields. You know what, hold on a second while I google a little about plastic water bottles. Wow, now I really feel bad… takes thousands of years for plastic to decompose. ūüôĀ I don’t know a whole lot about the impact that these plastic disposable water bottles have on the¬†environment but just think about how many you have thrown away, then think about your household, now think about your town……and on and on. I’m sure your probably getting the point.

Well I didn’t come here to preach to you about water bottles. What I did come to tell you about is the problems I have had in making the switch to a re-usable water bottle and what I have found to make me happy. See I have had this really bad habit where I get a plastic water bottle and freeze it and then I drink it. I know poisons are just seeping from my water bottle into my water and then into my body!! Yuck!

So I searched far and wide on the internet to find the perfect (according to me) re-usable water bottle. It had to keep my drink cold, provide a filter and use a good plastic that is better for my body. Finally I found one at a company called Cool Gear Inc that fit all my specifications. It is called the¬†ez-freeze pure¬ģ¬† and it holds a whopping 32 oz of pure goodness. Good for me and good for my¬†environment!! I can just grab some cool water from my sink in the kitchen and inside the bottle the water will flow directly threw a filter and there is also another piece that you stick in the freezer and it keeps your water cold. I love that feature! ūüôā ¬†The filter last approximately 4 months or 100 gallons of water depending on usage.

As you all know we moved into our new house approximately 2 months ago and well to tell you the truth I thought the water tasted kind of weird. The ez-freeze pure re-usable water bottle takes that weird taste out of my water and makes it taste much better. The frozen stick keeps my water cool (not quite ice cold but I just add some cubes and I’m good to go!) and it’s BPA free. So not only am I consuming something good for me but It is also better for the environment. I have made the switch to a re-usable water bottle and have gotten myself away from plastic throw away water bottles! The only problem I have now is at 3:40 when my oldest gets home from school she takes it from me! They are very¬†affordably¬†priced at $12.99 each so I am sure I will go ahead and get one for everyone in my family so I don’t have to share.

Make sure you head over and follow them on facebook¬†, twitter¬†and pinterest¬† to stay up to date on all their fabulous products! They have offered to one of my lucky readers a¬†¬†ez-Freeze pure 32 oz re-usable Water Bottle!! So head over and check them out and come back and get into the contest!! Good luck all!! ūüôā


Please note that I did receive this product for free for providing my honest opinion. Sister’s Saving Cents is not responsible for shipment of prize. Prize will come directly from the company. Giveaway is open to US residents only excluding Alaska and Hawaii.¬†


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  1. Kathy Ross says

    For some reason the program wouldn’t take my twitter follows. I did click on follow and the light went off on the name.

  2. This looks like an amazing product. My son is supposed to bring a water bottle to school every day. This would be perfect!

  3. I really need one of these! They look pretty amazing!

  4. Done except for the tweet I could not get it to work..

  5. love all the cool things they have!

  6. My granddaughter really needs this. She is a catcher on a softball team. I’ve seen her just wring wet and needing water. This would be real handy. I don’t know if my tweeter items “took” It was doing strange things.

  7. My granddaughter would love this. She is in all kind of activities

  8. Christina Sunday says

    Really neat , Just might have to order this if i dont win it ! ūüôā

  9. Julie Sullivan says

    If I won this I probably would drink more water….

  10. I love cool gear products. This would be great for my son to take to school.

  11. I love this! I am always looking for bottles like this! I would LOVE to win this one!!!

  12. I’m very picky about the taste of my water, so this looks like something I would go for!

  13. Maria Oller says

    Thank you so much I love the message bottle <3 and cool gear has wonderful products

  14. I love Cool Gear products, just opened up the kids new cups this past weekends.